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ForeFlight is the perfect gift for any pilot. ForeFlight delivers everything a pilot needs for planning, briefing, filing, and logging flights all in an elegantly designed app that Does the iPhone version have the same features as the iPad version? No, some ForeFlight features that are present on the iPad are not available on the iPhone. The following iPad features are not included in the ForeFlight Mobile iPhone app: Make sure to include the name of the app you are asking about (ForeFlight Mobile, Checklist Pro) and what type of device you have (iPad, iPhone).

That will allow us to tailor our response. If you are unable to send emails to us, please use the contact form on our Contact page. ForeFlight was founded in 2007 by software developers and aviation entrepreneurs inspired by the introduction of the Apple iPhone to develop elegant, highperforming integrated flight applications for pilots.

PilotWorkshops has released a free download of its pilotfriendly ForeFlight Manual. The 26page PDF manual shares tips and techniques for getting the most from the app, with a special emphasis on flight plan operations.

PilotWorkshops offers free ForeFlight manual. October 22, Our line of pilotfriendly manuals were originally Tips for using the new ForeFlight 8.

August 30, 2016. 21. ForeFlight received a lot of attention at Oshkosh this year when it previewed version 8 of its industryleading app. This major release is now available for download in the App Store and it adds a number of new features and refinements. Lets explore whats changed and go over a few ForeFlight Procedures Lock: ForeFlight Mobile also provides a softlock switch on the Procedures viewer for more flexibility.

Settings App: The iPad includes a special Pilots Guide to ForeFlight Mobile ForeFlight, LLC 29th Edition Covers ForeFlight Mobile v6. 2 on iPad Settings, you can modify the way the iPad and its applications behave.

ForeFlightspecific settings are addressed in the Settings section of this guide. All ForeFlight settings are available in the More view of ForeFlight Mobile as well. ! Brightness Control: There is a brightness control accessible from the iPads Settings app. ForeFlight Mobile is the critically acclaimed flight planning, flight support, and electronic flight bag (" EFB" ) app for pilots.

Navigation charts, Internet and inflight weather, moving map, hazard and terrain awareness, wireless connectivity, data sync Documents Organize your digital documents, like aircraft manuals and FAA publications. ForeFlight includes a catalog of available documents that can be downloaded for free, or you can import your own PDFs, JPGs, GIFs or PNGs.

Were excited to announce the release of the Pilots Guide to ForeFlight Mobile. This user manual covers ForeFlight Mobile HD on the iPad, although much of it applies to iPhone users as well.

This user manual covers ForeFlight Mobile HD on the iPad, although much of it applies to iPhone users as well.

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