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DEPARTMENT POLICY MANUAL FOREWORD FOREWORD This publication is dedicated to the concept that a professional organization must be operated within the rules of law and guided by clearly established rules and regulations. MESA POLICE DEPARTMENT SUPPLEMENTAL MANUAL FIELD TRAINING OFFICER PROGRAM Jan Strauss Chief of Police department policy. Vacation or Compensatory it through the chain of command to the Chief of Police for final decision. Termination packet: City of Mesquite General Government Policies and Procedures Manual Issued: April 1, 2010 Page i TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES This policy does not preclude the Chief of Police, with the approval of the appropriate city government authority, from adding to or deleting from the rank structure or chain of command within the Pine Bluff Police This manual supersedes the ninth edition of the Boise Police Department Policy and Procedures Manual dated July 2013.

This Policy and Procedures Manual is intended primarily as a reference document for employees of the Department. It is also available to the general public on request and upon payment of reproduction costs.

This manual will be distributed electronically to all Department employees who Members of the Durham Police Department shall adhere to the information in this manual and to the Code of Ethics contained herein. All policies, procedures, rules and regulations, whether issued by myself, or a previous Chief of Police, Chain of command police policy manual to The Department chain of command applies while on duty or during secondary employment.

Sworn Employees are ranked: Chief of Police; Deputy Chief; Assistant Chief; Captain; Lieutenant; Sergeant; OfficerDetective; The Chief of Police is the overall commander of the Department. Assistant Chiefs command bureaus. Assistant chiefs are appointed by the Chief of Police. A. The AISD Police Department will utilize a chain of command for communication, command, and direction of agency personnel.

The following chain of command has been established to facilitate the decisionmaking processes within the AISD Police Department: 1. Superintendent 2. Chief of Police. 3. Captain of Police (Assistant Police Chief) 4. PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE MANUAL CHIEF OF POLICE MANUAL. 2 CHAPTER 1 ROLES OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE0 SECTION 1. INTRODUCTION. and agencies outside the direct chain of command such as local officials, elements Policies 1) Police Chiefs are jointly held liable with persons primarily Chain of Command at the Police Department.

Promotions usually happen from within a police department. Before beginning your criminal justice degree online, if you are planning to become a police officer, you should know what the chain of command is. The following example is from the Los Angeles Police Department, but other police departments are similar.

The Manual is intended to provide specific guidance and to serve as a reference to employees of the Seattle Police Department. It is the responsibility of each member of the Department to comply with the Manuals rules and provisions.

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