Tc renegade 50 cal manual

Jun 01, 2008 I went back and put a deposit on a. 54 TC Renegade this morning. It is in nice condition with a great looking black walnut stock. The next shop I stopped at had a Renegade in. 50 caliber that was almost new looking, but they were asking 300. 00. If I ever rebarreled mine, it would be with a 32 to 34 inch barrel in 54 cal with a 170 Nov 28, 2016 This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. Dec 29, 2013 Thompson Center Renegade I have a. 50 cal with a 1 in 48 twist. todays powder was FF 777 loose powder form Hornady Lead ball 50 Cal. gr. Nice used condition Thompson center 50 cal barrel as pictured. 28" long with strong clean rifling.

Bore is shiny with some discoloration for an inch or so at the muzzle. Measures 1516 across the fl Safety& Instruction Manual TC Hawken MANUAL should always accompany this firearm and be transferred with it upon change of ownership or when the firearm is presented to another person. Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction.

Never point a firearm at AAR464 Thompson Center Renegade. 54 caliber, 26" barrel, percussion, walnut, iron trim, used, by Thompson Center Arms. Price: 459. 00 Thompson Center Renegade. 50 Cal. percussion; 26inch barrel; double set triggers; very good blue, case colors, wood and bore. VIS for sale by Vintage Sporting on GunsAmerica Mar 07, 2010 Mine shoots well with TC Maxiball and round balls, but does not like Maxihunters. Accounted for mule deer, elk, and a mountain goat.

Had ignition problems with Pyrodex, but good with black powder, Clear Shot, and Triple 7. Need parts for your Renegade? Shop for Thompson Center Muzzleloaders Renegade parts today with Numrich Gun Parts. ThompsonCenter Shooting TC BlkPwdr Guns Manual. Uploaded by Robert Down.

Thompson Patriot. USE THIS LOAD WITH SPECIAL. 56 Cal Renegade Smoothbore and must be used as described. Fill the measure with# 6 or# 7 12 shot and pour it into the muzzle.

Documents Similar To ThompsonCenter Shooting TC BlkPwdr Guns Manuals. This collection of owners manuals is provided for your convenience, offering detailed information about use and care of ThompsonCenter Arms brand firearms. Sep 01, 2011 tc renegade 50 caliber peep sight tc scope base weaver rail scope base bought new original tc owners manual, original receipt taped in book with dealers info.

book is almost like new. gun has some wear on stock and bluing, good usable gun. bore is descent but not perfect. Apr 14, 2012 back in the 70's My Dad bought Tc renegade 50 cal manual brother and I 50 cal Hawkins, he got a 54 cal Renegade. I liked the Renegade in. 50 better than the Hawkin, and finally got one. I shoot prb's and since the late 70's have never found a better load in either rifle than a.

490 rb with pillow ticking, and crisco, with 75 gr FFFG and a CCI# 11 cap. As the technology of shooting progresses, much information is allowed to fade away, including muzzleloader black powder load data for ThompsonCenter Seneca, Renegade, and Hawken Rifles. The information below may apply to other sidelock traditional muzzleloading guns as well. This is an attempt to Find great deals on eBay for Thompson Center Renegade 50 cal. Muzzleloader stock. Shop with confidence.

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