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The Vox AC4C112 is a 4 Watt combo with a 12 Celestion VX12 speaker. Among the various Vox tube amps, the AC4 has been one of the most popular, providing a simple and hasslefree way to enjoy the rich sound of a tube driven amp. played on the product, owners manual, battery, or battery package, it signifies that when you wish to dispose of this product, manual, package or bat Congratulations on your purchase of the VOX AC4C1!

Based on the legendary VOX Top Boost circuit, this is the perfect balance between com The" top boosted" AC4C1BL amp included gain, bass, treble and volume controls. A CelestionVox VX10 speaker is mounted into an OSB (oriented strand board) enclosure. For those not yet ready to take the plunge for an all tube Vox AC15 or AC30 amp, the AC4C1 is a great amp to introduce the player to Vox tone.

Three vintage cosmetic touches included in the AC4C1BL are worth noting. The edges of the cabinet that extend from the front to the rear of the enclosure feature a larger radius than the edges around the front and rear of the cabinet, as done by JMI Vox on their cabinets from the 1960s.

This VOX AC4C1BL is a great amp for practice, recording, and live performance. I play on a worship team and we pretty much have a silent stage. I put my amp in an isolation box so I don't need a big hefty amp. JJ Tube Upgrade Kit For VOX AC4C1BL Amps EL84 ECC83S.

by J. J. 41. 00 41 00 3. 65 shipping. Only 3 left in stock order soon. Standard Tube Set for Vox AC4C1. by TubeDepot. AC Mains Power Cord Cable for VOX AC4C1 Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier Previous Page 1 2 3 Next Page. FREE Shipping. All customers get FREE Shipping Jan 29, 2017 So I've had my Vox AC4C112 (the 4watt one with the 12" speaker) for about a year now, and I finally decided to swap out the original Chinese tubes Mar 16, 2016 Vox 4 Watt ValveTube Amplifier Shootout (AC4C112 AC4TV AC4C1) The battle of the 4 watt guitar amplifiers from Vox World of Music ac4c112 Famous for its ability to achieve classic VOX tone at low volume levels, the AC4 is one of the most popular amps in VOXs lineup.

An ideal choice for the home or the studio, the AC4 Custom serves up an array of authentic VOX tone through a Celestion 12 speaker and can even be paired with external speaker cabinet for more

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