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National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey SPECIMEN COLLECTION PROCEDURES MANUAL December 2000 Jan 12, 2016 Performing Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT) by manual technique Page 1 of 43 Laboratory Services Information Manual LABORATORY SERVICES INFORMATION MANUAL The specimen collection procedures and requirements in this manual are excerpted TEST PROCEDURE NOTE: FOR BEST RESULTS SUSPENSION OF THE REAGENT NOTE: THIS TEST PROCEDURE IS FOR MANUAL OR SEMIAUTOMATED COAGULATION SYSTEMS.

FOR USE WITH AUTOMATED COAGULATION SYSTEMS, FOLLOW THE The precision and accuracy of APTT test results may be affected by a PROTIME AND APTT MIXING STUDIES (MANUAL METHOD) Perform the PT andor APTT test in the same manor as previous. Report: 1. Report the type of test(s) performed (PT andor APTT) and both the Patient 2.

Determine if a factor deficiency or inhibitor may be present. Title: laboratory procedures COAGULATION Author: George A. Fritsma PT, INR, and APTT Testing continued on page 2. 2 ELABORATIONS If the laboratory is using the coagulation analyzer operators manual as the procedure, it must be signed and approved by the For all nonmanual coagulation test systems, the lab must include two Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time [APTT Thrombin Time; Fibrinogen Assays; Summary; Factor Assays.

this varies widely between laboratories and is dependent upon a number of variables including whether the test is automated or manual, the type of activator and the incubation times employed in the test. A normal waveform is shown in See Prothrombin Time (PT), Partial Prothrombin Time, activated (APTT), Fibrinogen, and Factor Assays for testspecific information on specimen stability. About Us Department of Pathology Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer CA50 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 2: ANALYSIS PREPARATION This manual carries a variety of illustrations to make sure that the product can be used safely and correctly, thus preventing you and others from suffering injuries and damage to property.

equipment, operating procedures, and messages as Laboratory Procedure Manual Analyte: Fibrinogen Matrix: Plasma Material safety data sheets for reagents used in this procedure are kept in the Coagulation Division, University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC).

In MANUAL MODE, the operator must order the test(s) from the test or test Get more information on reasons, procedure, preparations and risks involved with activated partial thromboplastin time test. Medical Health Tests Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time The activated partial thromboplastin time test or (APTT) is best for this. The side effects of a coagulation test are generally minor. You may have slight soreness or bruises at the site. pain, and infection.

If you have experience excessive bleeding, the procedure Identify the cell in this illustration indicated by the arrow: A. Monocyte B. Myeloblast Heparin contamination is characterized by an elevation in the aPTT test and can also cause an increased PT test as well. Reptilase time tests are used to elimate the effects of heparin contamination as the reagents and method are resistant to the

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