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You'll find new or used products in Tele Vue Telescopes on eBay. Free shipping on selected items. Skip to main content. eBay: Originally purchased in the 90s. Original case and users manual included. Excellent condition! Buy it now or best offer. Please feel free to ask questions if needed.

Tele Vue Starbeam with Flip Mirror for Free ground shipping. TeleVue SFC2009: This Starbeam model has a dovetail bar and mounting bracket that fits the rear cell of any 8 or larger SCT. . Tele Vue Starbeam Finder Tele Vue Telescopes. Tele Vue StarBeam Finder with Flip Mirror For Tele Vue Telescopes. Designed to be compatible with all Tele Vue telescopes (except the Ranger model) this exquisitely designed red dot reflex finder is not only functional, but a Used TeleVue Pronto 70 mm f6.

8 ED refractor in very good condition, only 475. Made by Daisy and sold by TeleVue, the QuickPoint is one of the older RDFs on the market.

I found its tiny dark tinted window often made finding objects a bit of a chore, Televue Quickpoint Televue Starbeam AstroPhysics Maxbright Diagonal Televue Radian Eyepieces Some people complain about the mount's lack of manual slow motion controls, but I have never found it to be a first serious telescope.

The telescope, complete with an Edmund equatorial mount and two Brandon eyepieces, cost 180 (I Manual AltAz Yoke Mount 85 to 10 Altitude Range TensionAdjustable Axes 2960" AdjustableHeight Tripod Aluminum Legs with Extendable Column RubberTipped Feet Removable Spiked Feet Tele Vue Starbeam Finderscope for Tele Vue Telescopes.

B& H# TESTVB MFR# SFT2003. The Televue StarBeam Finder features 39mm aperture concave lens for Tele Vue Starbeam Finder Universal Mount OPT Unique Flip Mirror provides comfort and straightthrough flexibility with 6arcminute accuracy from any angle. (Instructions) Eyepieces with Adjustable Height Eyeguard Adapter: All Nagler Type4 (EN4all) Delightful search and find mission this morning that resulted in finding 11 Leo galaxies, a few of which were new to me and most I have not seen using a manual search.

In fact, I have found none of them, up to now, using the Televue Starbeam finder which I am slowly coming to really appreciate. Free ground shipping. TeleVue SFT2003: The Starbeam nonmagnifying red dot finder fits the clamshell tube ring of TeleVue refractors. . Above: TeleVue Starbeam sight basic optical arrangement, viewed from its left side. This drawing shows the original style illuminator Televue starbeam manual woodworkers was furnished with the Starbeam through 2010.

The brightness of the red dot can be adjusted at the illuminator with a simple to use dial so that faint objects in the sky are not obscured, and so that the Feb 04, 2007  Starbeam battery advice? posted in Equipment: Ive recently acquired an older Televue Starbeam (with the white blink adjuster on the outside) that shipped with no battery. Im trying to determine what battery to install. The documentation on TVs site indicates a 3v Duracell 13N, which seem impossible to find.

I also see references to LR44s (1. 5v) which are more common here Operating manual; TeleVue 102 Operating Manual. finding the Sun. Remove any other finding devices such as Starbeam from the telescope.

Instant and. Tele Vue recommends choosing low and medium power eyepieces in ratios of field stop diameters. For example, factors of 1. 4 or 2. 0. When choosing higher power eyepieces, use ratios of TeleVue Starbeam Bar for SCT bracket combine with pn SAB1001 allows sharing your existing Starbeam with TeleVue base with a SchmidtCassegrain.

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