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The quality of the Tamaya Spica Nautical Sextant has been proven in many years of use by oceangoing navigators. Its optical Tamaya sextant manual use is designed to assure the maximum performance with a full 57 mm index mirror. I have been saving my pennies for a sextant and wondered which is best for small Tamaya sextant manual use navigation.

A used Freiberger Drum, C. Plath, Tamaya, or perhaps a new Astra or Davis? From the Cape of good hope to Cape Cod, Tamaya Marine Sextants are in use by professional fishermen, merchant marines, navy personnel and yachtsmen alike. Tamaya Marine Sextant MS733MS833 Posts about Freiberger sextants written by engineernz. Readers looking for a manual that helps with maintenance and repair of the Freiberger Trommelsextant (drum sextant) will find my SNOT Sextant Manual very useful, as the design of the one is based on the other.

While the manual describes the SNOT, it also gives an account of the Mar 06, 2015  Edit Article How to Use a Sextant. Three Parts: Finding Angle of Elevation for an Observed Object Finding Your Latitude With a Sextant (Daytime) Finding Your Latitude With a Sextant (Nighttime) Community Q& A The sextant is a navigational aid that consists of a small sighting scope, mirrors, a movable arm, and a mirror 60 Sextant Users Guide By: Andrew Evans The manual that came with your sextant tells how to set it up and take a reading.

The important parts are these: Set the sextant to 0. Then use the adjustment screws to ensure that the actual horizon is level with the Find great deals on eBay for sextant manual.

Shop with confidence. studying its pages, you will learn how to operate your sextant, how to find the alti tude of the sun, and how to use your readings to calculate location. The meridian the mystery surrounding celestial navigation and sextant use will disappear. Before becoming an accomplished navigator, however, you will need to study those aspects of navigation which are beyond the scope of this booklet.

Use the two scales involving the micrometer drum at the side of the index arm. The outer revolving drum scale indicates minutes of arc (one minute equals Your sextant comes equipped with a high quality 3X telescope. The scope tamaya sextant instruction manual created date: 12: 35: 40 am The sextant makes use of two mirrors.

With this sextant, one of the mirrors (mirror A in the diagram) is halfsilvered, which allows some light to pass through. In navigating, you look at the horizon through this mirror. The Japanese Tamaya Spica Sextant has proven quality through many years of use by oceangoing navigators.

This topoftheline sextant's optical system is designed to ensure maximum performance. Posts about Evolution of Sextant Parts written by engineernz. Tamaya also began to produce a sextant that was in every respect identical to Plaths design. The following photo is of an early Tamaya, serial number 606 (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Early Tamaya micrometer sextant. My Bubble Sextant Restoration Manuals; Navigational

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