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IEI EMERGE5000 eMerge 5000 Controller Bundle 2 Door Bundle with Network Controller, 2 door ACM (Access Control Module), Enclosure and Power Supply eMerge 2 Door Bundle with Network Controller, 2 door ACM (Access Control Module), Enclosure and Power Supply. eMerge5000 Access Control Platform P. 140 door (192 door max with upgrade) eMerge 2 Door Bundle with Network Controller, 2 door Access Control Module (ACM), enclosure, and Linear eMerge Essential& Essential Plus Access Control Security.

Linears eMerge Essential and eMerge Essential Plus access control platforms offer one to four door access control with the option to upgrade to an eMerge Elite 36door system after purchasing an additional LicensetoGo Card. Unanswered IEI International Electronics Emerge 5000 System V3. 3 questions& open problems. Help& support Computer and Internet owners by providing helpful answers, troubleshooting tips& repair advice. Camera Views View predefined groups of cameras. Duty Log Entry; Enter or select a text message for inclusion in the Activity Log.

Floorplans View the state of alarms and other system resources on From enterprisewide security management to small and midsize access control, Linears IEI brand as a choice of Access Systems, giving you the freedom to design a solution that truly matches your needs.

The eMerge 50 and the eMerge 5000 Browser Managed Security Platform from Linear, a trusted name in access control solutions, can lower the cost of ownership while increasing the value and functionality of your access control installation.

ACCESS CONTROL SECURITY, LINEAR IEI, EMERGE, PC BASED, DOOR GARD. Linears Access Control Security Systems are manufactured to meet the security needs of any facility whether small or large, commercial or personal. eMerge 50P eMerge 5000P. Hardware Installation Guide. May 2013 Linear LLC. 1950 Camino Vida Roble. Suite 150. Carlsbad, CA. www. linearcorp. com OWNERS MANUAL AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS For A Series Models, 1012K1 EmerGen Switch RETAIN THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE Congratulations on the purchase of your new 5000 watts 20 Amps 6 4 2 L1420 The Linear eMerge blends advanced Iei emerge 5000 manuals with ease of configuration and use for small to midsized commercial and high end residential applications.

eMerge integrates credentialbased access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance for a small to midsized facilities. eMerge Browser Managed Security Platform Installation Guide International Electronics, Inc. 427 Turnpike St. Canton, MA accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio IEI eMerge systems must be AC powered using

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