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MiniCTA and Multichannel CTA Systems Compact CTA Systems for accurate flow investigations Applications MiniCTA Anemometer package includes all the basics to get started in velocity measurements: Automatic and Manual Calibrators As the sensor response depends on many external MiniCTA Anemometer package includes all the basics to get started in velocity measurements: MiniCTA channel, software, manuals, 2 hotwire probes and necessary cables delivered in a suitcase. Introduction Constant Temperature Anemometer (CTA) technology is a wellestablished measurement technique with commercial systems available since 1958.

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Model: MiniCTA A Dantec Dynamicstype probe anemometer made of fiberfilm and boundary layer for the diagnosis of the basic flow of air currents.

The UPC offers the services performance that the equipment could carry out. Automatic and Manual Hotwire Calibrators MiniCTA: the most compact hotwire anemometer Multichannel CTA The multiplechannel versions of the MiniCTA offer a cost effective solution for multiplesensor measurements. MultichannelCTA systems are available in three different versions: with 4, 6 and 8channels.

Dantec Dynamics can provide 2 Consult Dantec Dynamics AS's LabVIEW Toolbox for CTA brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 12 MiniCTA Variants Calculation of bridge resistances Graphical presentation of dip switch settings Manual velocity and directional calibration Calibration evaluation with temperature correction Velocity decomposition of multisensor Details about Dantec Dynamics Constant Temperature Anemometer Probe Wire 55P63 p63 Miniature How to measure turbulence with hotwire anemometers a practical guide Finn E.

Jrgensen 2002. 2 Two appendices give examples on how to setup and acquire data with the Dantec Dynamics MiniCTA and StreamLine anemometers utilizing the Dantec Dynamics

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