Rst first air 100 manual

Jan 25, 2014 Did you know you could read the comments on a video on YouTube? First slide details. Current Slide F1RST Fork DH AM FR Dirt Jump XC RAce.

Home; Tech Support; Air fork General Maintenance; Tech Support. Air fork General Maintenance About Us; Contact; Distributors; Catalogues; RST Suspension USA: 6580 Wolffork Rd, Rabun Gap, GA RST Suspension This a review of RST M29.

The other forks in the photo are the First Air and Titan Air. They al share the same build and technology.

TheM29 is built the 29er wheel. The First Air has 100 mm of travel and the Titan Air has 130. Weight is RST F1RST Air 2008 Forks user reviews: 3.

3 out of 5 8 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing mtbr. com My mistake was i was only able to read one review of the RST First Air.

In the manual it said that it would be" broken in" after 20 hours, but I didn't have the fork that long because it leaked oil before that. Make sure to check the tire clearance.

To check tire clearance, remove the air pressure andor spring stacks and compress the fork completely to make sure at least a 14(6. 4mm) of clearance (whichever occurs first), Perform the following procedures: (www. rst. com. tw) for maintenance manual information. SLOPE TITAN15 mm mm RST" First" 29 Suspension Forks: Quick Review by Guitar Ted with Grannygear and JeffJ Well, it has been a busy summer at Twenty Nine Inches.

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