Mercury 2 4 bridgeport parts manual

If it was a 2. 4 Bridgeport, missing the EFI decals I'd guess carbureted, which were first. 220hp. The EFI version was rated at 245hp. Sep 12, 2010 Re: mercury 2.

4 efi bridgeport 150 As Ddog posted you will need a fuel pump mounted in boat, check compression and leak down and check ignition and electrical real good as ECU is NLA for this engine and a aftermarket is around 1300.

The block is a 2. 4 liter chrome bore with boost port pistons and if cowling has decal that says" Bridgeport" it will have slightly bigger exhaust ports internally. It will have a smaller combustion chamber head thus using a minimum of 89 octane fuel. hi i have a mercury 4 stroke 60 HP EFI outboard.

i have fuel leaking out vent at top of vapor Purchase a magnificent boat performance chip to Mercury 2. 4 EFI Bridgeport. Magnum manufactures InboardOutboard Mercury Fuel programmers that will give your Sep 19, 2008 89 Mercury Bridgeport 240hp Outboard Technical Discussion Welcome to the Checkmate Community Forums forums. I have a 89 175 Merc carb that's been BARELY used if your'e looking for one.

But not sure bout' selling it. I have a 90 2. 4 EFI Bridgeport too. I love both of em' Just have them on the right applicationsI guess that's why they 2.

4l Mercury. 634 likes 2 talking about this. this page is to share information on 2. 4l mercury outboards, be it a 150, 200, mod vp, bridgeport, or a Mercury. How to use this chart: Depending on the damage or the diameter of your bore after you cut or remove the old sleeve, you may need an oversize sleeve. Jun 26, 2010 1991 2. 4 merc bridgeport, is this a good motor?

Why do they call it a bridgeport? any problems? Help; Remember Me? I hear they are a bitch to find parts for. 2. 4 or 2. 5 race engines will be a bucket of bolts if not taken care of. the 2. 4 200 and the bridgeport are 2 different animals both are great but the 200 was more of a consumer thing then hi perf there is a way really make them run but its time consuming. I am rebuilding a 2. 4 liter Bridgeport efi and looking for advice on what or what not to do.

It is on 85 Sleekcraft SST. From what I have found it is said to be a 900 pound boat. My plans for the rebuild are: Block The block would be made into a tubed 2. 4. Clean up casting in the rod slots and inside the block. Fill in the area of the oil pump gear slot to increase crank case pressure. Mercury outboard racing small bearing cranks shaft out of a 260 hp in great shape ready to install can arrange shipping MERCURY 2. 4 LITRE BRIDGEPORT Find great deals on eBay for mercury 2.

4 bridgeport. Shop with confidence. Lookup Mercury Mariner Racing mercmar 2. 4l (efi) outboard motor parts by component and buy discount parts from our large online inventory.

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