Ks is duosotm tm-083 timer manual

Dec 05, 2014  So, this timer came with no instructions. What do you want for 3. 99. Made cheap in China and instructions cost more than the timer. The timer has a dial with tabs all around the 24 hour clock.

They are in the down position which is on. You must pull all Item: (TM089) Version Submitted by KAB: R12 Page size: 11(W)x8. 5(H) Submission date: Dieline: ITEM# NOTE: The unit you are plugging into the timer Feb 17, 2013  KSIS DuosoTM TM083.

3 MPx. the timer will turn ONOFF at the programmed times 30 minutes. 4. OFF The timer will turn OFF and stay OFF until another mode is selected. P r o gra m T i m e e s u m e Mo d e om s R e 5. OFF AUTO The timer 45 will turn OFF and remain OFF until the next scheduled ON time. 6. OFF RDM The timer remain OFF until the next contrary programmed RDM event. Ks is duosotm tm-083 timer manual Digital Timer User Instructions Install setup: 1. Plug timer into wall outlet for a 5 minutes to charge internal battery.

NOTE: You can unplug the timer to set after initial battery charge. 2. Before programming all settings should be reset. Use a toothpick or pencil to push the R button. 3. Select AMPM format: 1.

Jan 11, 2012  KSIS DuosoTM TM083 Manual de Utilizao do Microscpio Ya Did you know you could share a video with your friends on YouTube? Thanks for your feedback! Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.

Oh no! Your manual failed to upload Please try again. keep the timer in RANDOM mode, press MODE to change to AUTO mode.

The attached device turns off immediately after being turned on. The timer is wired incorrectly. Disconnect wires, remove timer, reinstall per the instruction manual. If problem persists, contact certified electrician. LCD screen is blank. The included rechargeable battery has lost its charge. Dec 08, 2014  TM is a Woods timer prefix. Many Woods timers have more than 1 number depending on who packaged and sold timer.

You might be able to recognize timer Download 1 Ks Timer PDF manuals. User manuals, Ks Timer Operating guides and Service manuals. The Timer has a 100 hour countdown feature.

i. e The timer can be set to any period from 1 minute to 100 hours and will countdown in the ON state and turn OFF at the end of the countdown period. 3. Connect red timer wire to wire from fixture using wire connector. 4. Connect black timer wire to the hot (usually black or red) wire in junction box using wire connector.

5. Ensure neutral wire has 12" of exposed wire for connection to neutral lead from switch 6. Connect white timer wire to white wires in junction box using wire connector. 7. wire from the timer with a wire connector. 8. Check that all wire connections are secure. 9. Place all wires inside junction box.

10. Fit timer into junction box and install using two (2) mounting screws (furnished). 11. Reconnect the electrical power. HEAVY DUTY OUTDOOR DIGITAL TIMER TIME START UP SETTING THE CLOCK SETTING PROGRAMS To actuate the battery (one AA battery is provided with the timer), pull the tab sticking out of the battery door.

Repeat the ON and OFF program procedures outlined above for each event (up to 7 events), as needed.

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