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May 25, 2016 iPad Navionics user guide PDF? Announcements. Abbreviated Use iNavX or SEAiq and NOAA charts. What is your question about Navionics? I don't know of a manual, but I can do most things. The only issue I have seen with Navionics is that there are three Sounding databases. I ran aground once because I was using the wrong one, but that was Here is a post from Sailnet with my good friend, Colemj, where we are discussing the differences between iNavX and SEAiq. Id just said I didnt think SEAiq was nearly as good as iNavX.

Colemj then explained why he used and liked it. And since Colemj is definitely NOT an idiot and actually HAS Continue reading iNavX and SEAiq Comparison iNavX is the leading marine navigation app and the ONLY APP that delivers thousands of charts and hundreds of features.

Including the official and uptodate. SEAiq has recently added the ability to integrate with AyeTides. To activate AyeTides, you have to select Settings from the tab bar at the bottom of the screen, SEAiq professional navigation on iPad. 16 october 2013 Francis. Automatic display of weather data from NOAA or manual request by email (Wind and Pressure). FYI not taken into account Seaiq vs inavx manual the International Date Line iNavX is really painful now that we are in Tonga.

Good wind Alain. Have questions? We built documentation of answers and solutions for you. If you cannot find any solutions, you can submit a query using the contact form. The remainder of this manual assumes you have installed one of the SEAiq app.

The manual follows a similar organization as the user interface for the apps. Each of the main sections corresponds to a tab listed along the bottom of the app display. Original text. iPad Onboard Below are links to a series of blog posts about getting you iPad set up for use onboard your yacht.

1. iPad Onboard My top 3 are iNavX, SEAiq and Navionics. Navionics is quick and easy to use but if I want to use more advanced features I have iNavX and SEAiq running also. Don't feel your missing out if you like Navionics but if SEAiq Pilot is the only multiplatform piloting solution, with support for all major platforms and all pilot plugs and PPU devices.

It combines a complete set of piloting features with unparalleled easyofuse. iNavX and iSailor offer more functions. 15 th 2015 Francis.

I have long had a preference for iNavX, but the evolution of iSailor and SEAiq attached to the trade policy of Xtraverse, led me to use that the latter. Are you there a manual in french for iSailor? Thank you HC. Francis 22 th 2015 up to 11: 10. SEAiq Manual (4. 8) SEAiq Manual (4. 8) 1. Navigate Tab The Navigate Tab is used to display the current sets of charts along with any additional objects, such as waypoints, routes, AIS targets, and your Seaiq vs inavx manual position. SEAiq works like most iPad apps using the standard gestures for panning, zooming, and rotating the display.

Apps with this option: iNavX, IBoating, SEAiq, and SeaNav. Boat Data: This includes length, speed, draft, air draft, AIS location on boat and rate of fuel consumption. The last number can be used by the routing tool to estimate fuel usage for a route and to keep track of usage as you progress.

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