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Stealth Digital Analyzer Acterna SDA5000 Series. ofallservices Acterna SDA Seriestestersare capable HUM keywith the versatile Acterna SDA Series. Since the instrumentis batterypowered, the measurementis independentofground loopsand is, therefore, isolated from the line the SDA4040D is designed with the speed. or upgraded to the SDA5000. the SDA4040D can be upgraded to the SDA5000 for forward and reverse sweep capabilities at any of the Acterna worldwide service centers. Acterna PathTrakPerformance Monitoring System, system technicianscan benefitfrom the ultimate toolto combatingress the PathTrakField View option for the SDA4040D.

With Field View, the SDA4040D receivesa return path headend spectrum broadcast from the PathTrakunit, and then comparesitwith a return path spectrum at anyfield testpoint. use of limited resources when SDA series products are used. ! The Navigator user interface, common on all WWG meters. Comprehensive Testing The SDA4040D provides an extensive set of signal analysis features designed for proving, and improving, network quality.

All tests utilize a practical user interface, normally ACTERNA SDA Series Stealth Digital Analyzer. SDA Series Stealth Digital Analyzer Operation Manual, Rev F August 2004.

Global Headquarters as part of the SDA Series Operation Manual. The ordering number for a published guide is, Rev F. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Notice The SDA 4040Ds sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms provide the most accurate information possible without creating Acterna sda 4040d manuals service outage.

No other meter offers this much information to aid troubleshooting without creating a service interruption to take readings. The SDA 4040D shows levels in both bargraph and numeric form. Lease JDSU SDA4040D Stealth Digital Analyzer CATV Meter Rental Categories: Acterna JDSU Wavetek Rent Wavetek JDSU Acterna SDA4040D Digital w QAM Leasing& Rentals 4040D delivers precision" find and fix" measurement tools that will reduce critical test time when analyzing and qualifying broadband network performance.

Priced for virtually any system budget, the SDA 4040D brings unmatched measurement performance to the network technician in a rugged" One Box" solution. Read online or download PDF Page 9 12 Atec ActernaJDSUSDA5000 User Manual Atec Equipment The Acterna SDA4040D Stealth Digital Analyzer is a solution for detecting and eliminating return path noise and is accomplished with a fast spectrum analyzer (detects signals down to a 5 duration), and the industryunique Acterna jdsu acterna sda5000 charger for jdsu acterna sda5000 extended life battery pack sdaacc 245.

00 JDSU ACTERNA WAVETEK SDA4040D SDA5000 BATTERY PACK SDABP38 365. 00 SDA5000 Options Reverse Sweep Potable Transmitter PathTrak Field View QAM Option B (6MHz) Complete Headend Package JDSU Wavetek SDA5500 SDA5000 SDA5500 SDA5000 CATV Meter Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

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