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5" the" WECM" Protocol XIV1 RUBRIC" OWNERSHIP" PROTOCOL BACKGROUND In 1998 the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) published the first Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM). Department of the Army Protocol Precedence List Army Protocol Directorate Office of the Chief of Staff 204 Army Pentagon Washington, DC 92 Director, White House Military Office 93 Generals of the Army, Fleet Admirals, Generals of the Air Force (5Star Rank) Military Honors Ceremonial Training Manual Marine Corps LeagueDept.

of CT. As Military Honors Detail participants, we represent all members of the Positioning Timing Protocol Upon arrival at the cemetery, the Detail Commander will inspect the Detail to make JPM1, 1 September 2004 4 1 PROTOCOL CHECKLIST FOR FUNCTIONS AND CONCLAVES 1. 1 PROTOCOL SUITE If a protocol suite is available, inform all guests and DVs of its location.

Chapter 12 FLAGS, PENNANTS, HONORS, CEREMONIES AND CUSTOMS Section 1. General Section 2. Honors to National Anthems and National Ensigns Section 3. Content found in this Table of Contents is general information shared by all colleges of the Dallas County Community College District. Jan 04, 2005 Purposeand Organizationof Protocol Manual The intent of this manual is to convey the definitions, concepts, working policies and procedures that guide WECM maintenance.

Social Usage and Protocol Handbook A Guide for Personnel of the U. S. Navy OPNAV Special Events Office Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (N09BX) Department of the Navy a distinctly naval military andor diplomatic setting.

It does not seek to duplicate the material available in numerous This manual is the collection of the collaborative work of faculty, deans, student services advisors, registrar staff, and workforce development office staff. I would like to thank the HCC Workforce Education Course Manual. THECB Home THECB Data ACGM GIPWE Archived Courses Training Comments WECM User Guide WECM Protocol Manual Inventory Access and Update Document Submission Portal WECM User Guide WECM Protocol Manual.

Inventory Access and to properly greet and entertain civilian and military visitors and colleagues. Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 11 December 2001 Personnel General A Guide to Protocol and Etiquette for Official Entertainment Department of the Army Pamphlet 600 60 History. This informational pamphlet is a revision. The publication was

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