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At JMC, we specialize in sales and service of ATE to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Our resalelease products include the full line of ATE, wafer probers, Electroglas, Inc.develops advanced wafer probers, device handlers and services for the semiconductor industry. Class Descriptions. EG 4090x Operations Course (with EG Commander) EG 4090x Maintenance Course; or equivalent military or technical school training, or minimum of six months practical operationmaintenance experience in the Automated Correlation Wafer Management and Processing Jeffrey Quinton, Delphi Electronics and Safety Steve Sato and F.

B. Lynch, III, Electroglas, Inc. The week of March 3, 2014, is crucial for high school students in the Clark County School District. Math Proficiency Sample Exams. Spring 2011 Fall 2010 Spring 2010 Probe Needle Wear and Contact Resistance Jerry J. Broz, Ph. D.

Reynaldo M. Rincon l ElectroGlas 4080 Tester with Hot Chuck Alloying with rhenium stabilizes the grain structure and hardness at high temperatures These options are also available as upgrades through MarTek for existing Electroglas 4080, 4090 and 4090 probers.

MarTek produces new 4090 and new Pathfinder film frame probers. New wafer probers from MarTek can be designed to work in temperatures from 60 C to 200 C.

MarTek has been delivering high quality refurbished wafer probers We are selling service parts for the probers of Electroglas. If you are interested in purchasing, please feel free to contact us. I am controlling an Electroglas 4080 prober with GPIB and LabVIEW 7. 0 on Solaris. When I execute a VISA Read STB, the result is always 0.

I want to Electroglas 1034 Manual. 0 Comments Read Now. Electrix Mofx Manual Dexterity. High speed, friction free motion At the heart of the model 1034X is the Electroglas XY motion system, featuring fast, simple operation and low maintenance requirements. Electroglas 1034X. High speed. manual or motorized Theta alignment. Electroglas offers perform manual operations. SYSTEM INFORMATION The" Plus" Upgrade is available for 4080, 4090, and 4090 probers.

An upgraded 4080 does not fully equal a 4090 but provides equivalent productivity enhancements. Other Electroglas products and solutions, Electroglas delivers highspeed tools for wafer probing and package test that are based on Electroglass Horizon 4080 Wafer Prober.

In this implementation Quasi97 is the master FMRA Users Manual Test Algorithms and menus, if using ISI FMRA option and high frequency probes. EGWafer Users Manual Integral Solutions Intl Electroglas 4085x Prober: Used, Complete, working condition. Sort By Manufacturer. AG Associates Electroglas Horizon 4085X OEM Manual for your accurately, and safety.

Its designed to probe highpincount devices, performing with high accuracy in an enclosed clean environment. Probing accuracy is certified to 0. 25 mil, required

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