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RightFax is the premiere enterprise fax server solution, with onpremise, hybrid, and cloud deployment options. As an automated electronic document delivery system, RightFax integrates with most desktop and business applications, including most EMR systems, to maximize employee productivity, improve information security, decrease paperrelated costs and security risks associated with standalone fax The content of this manual is furnished for Page 9 Updated OpenText RightFax SENDING A FAX (USING THE FAX SERVER CLIENT) Single page or multiple page documents can also be faxed directly from the fax server client.

1. Click the arrow in your taskbar to show hidden icons the settings necessary for RightFax to successfully connect to your RightFax server and send faxes. The first page will ask for the server name and the user name that will be used to connect to the RightFax server. Fill in both boxes, and then click the Start Wizard button. RightFax, the marketleading network fax server solution, automates timeintensive manual paperdriven processes by integrating them into your business applications and systems.

Konica Minolta OpenText RightFax User Manual Page 7. Text mode; On the Start menu of Rightfax server manual page RightFax server, click All Programs.

and then click OpenText. Click RightFax EDC Monitor. 2. If you are running EDC Monitor for the first time, you will be. prompted to initialize EDC. Click Yes. The RightFax COM API is a library of objects, properties, and methods designed for use in developing custom applications for the RightFax server. The RightFax COM API library is compatible with any programming language that supports binary standards including C, C, Java, JScript, Visual Basic, VBScript, Delphi, and PowerBuilder.

Page 8. RightFax MFP Module 2. 5 Guide for the Sharp Extension viii Page 9: Chapter 1 Installing The Rightfax Mfp Module, Overview Of The Rightfax Mfp Module. RightFaxspecific templates, the user enters fax transmission information on the Sharp MFP and scans the document. 2. Run the RightFax Product Suite installer from the Windows control panel (Programs and Features or AddRemove Programs).

On the Select Features page of the installation wizard, select External RightFax Users Quick Reference Details Allows selection of Priority, Form, Cover Page and other settings. a. Press [Details. Display reads: b. Press Priority dropdown [L, select desired level, and then press [OK. c. Press Fine Mode checkbox to enabledisable Fine Mode, and then press [OK. Fax Mode is 200 x 200 dpi resolution. Page 1. RightFax 8. 5 User Guide RightFax 8. 5 User Guide Page 2. With FaxUtil, users can forward, route, and delete faxes.

They can view other users fax mailboxes and delegate views into their personal fax OpenText RightFax Web Client 4 Add a Cover Sheet Cover sheets are optional for every fax sent from RightFax.

The cover sheet can contain additional notes intended for the recipient. 1. Within the CreateEdit Fax page, scroll down to Cover Sheet.

(By Default Use Cover Sheet is selected. ) 2. OpenText Knowledge Center 5 Fax Server Requirements 5 SQL Requirements and Information 6 Virtualization Support 8 FaxUtil Legacy Support 9 Fax Board Requirements 9 RightFax server software is supported on the following server operating systems.

Windows Server 2012 Enterprise Configure RightFax Connector. What protocol to use for connecting to the RightFax server. Archive Days. Use the ForwardToUsers method to specify manual forwarding.

IsGatewayGenerated. Specifies whether or not the fax was generated by the RightFax email gateway. True or 1 indicates that the fax was generated by an email gateway. kyocera's rightfax connector business application Kyoceras RightFax Connector allows users to send faxes through an OpenText Fax Server (RightFax) directly from the operation panel of a HyPASenabled Kyocera MFP.

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