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US Navy Test Equipment Manuals Shipboard& Shore Station Communications. ANURM17 Field Strength Meter ANURM25B ANURM25C RF Signal Generator TM C download ANURM25D RF Signal Generator (A) download: o ANURM25F RF Signal Generator download download For Sale URM25D Signal Generator. Works great copy of navy manual.

Most accessories, 10: 1 attenuator missing. Probably available from fair radio. I'm told Dallas Langford published an excellent" URM25 Notes" article in the Hollow State Newsletter which is mandatory reading for those wanting to really restore their URM25 signal generators. Manuals for both the URM25D and URM25F (and a heck of a lot of other stuff) are available from me on the HBR Receiver CD for 10 postpaid in the US or 12 Worldwide.

Hi, I just became the proud owner of a URM25ESG111 and I see that everywhere I look they say it's the same as the URM25D except for a few minor changes. The Navy manual on BAMA says it is for the URM25D, G, and H.

If I had a J, I'd start with that Navy manual and see if my unit matched it. I'd bet a nickel that it does. Mar 29, 2018 How to Restore an URM 25D Signal Generator. These units are historically significant due to the fact that they are still in use today by boatanchor, antiqueradio and hamradio enthusiasts.

Those wishing to restore these units often face difficulty finding information. ANURM25F September 1956 NAVSHIPS. Instruction Book R. F. Signal Generator Set ANURM25D ANURM25G ANURM25H December 1966 References Technical Manual E, " US Army Technical Manual Collection, " from the CECOM The ANURM25 signal generator was an electronic vacuumtube radiofrequency signal generator used during the 1950s and 1960s by the U. S. Military to test electronic equipment. Find great deals on eBay for urm25d.

Shop with confidence. RF Signal Generator Set ANURM25D Equipment MILITARY U. S. different makers for same model, build 1953, 3 pictures, 8 tubes, United States of America TM B Instruction Book for R.

F. Signal Generator Set ANURM25B. 25 January 1954. NAVSHIPS. pdf Instruction Book for R. F. Signal Generator Set ANURM25D, G, H. rev. 7

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