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Hitachi 51F510 DP43 Service Manual. Related Manuals for Hitachi 51F510 DP43. TV Hitachi 51F710 Service Manual. Projection television (41 pages) use the Manual Adjustment Mode. If Auto Adjust mode is selected or the Magic Focus button is pressed, all manual adjust mode settings will be erased.

Page 24. hitachi model 51f510 projection tv has horizontal lines& has greenish tint, do i need to chang the bulbs? ? i alredy tryd the magic focus button& manual focus, but unsuccesfl, any ideas? ? ? ? Hitachi 51F510 601 views 0 helpful votes View full Hitachi 51F510 51" rear projection TV specs on CNET. manual hitachi 51f510 owners manual 51f510.

The service manual recommends an automatic digital focus using the Magic Focus Question about 51F510 51" Rear Projection HDTVReady The Magic Focus button on control panel will not work when adjustment mode is set to Manual (see page 57 or 58).

Your HITACHI Projection TV has three color projection tubes: one for red, one for green, one for blue. PROJECTION COLOR TV Operating Guide for 57F510, 51F510 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.

23 Jan 15, 2005 Magic Focus Tune Up automatic alignment of RGB did NOT fix the problem. Is the blue color gun already wasted? I turned power off and let it rest 1518 minutes and nothing had changed.

How to Reprogram the Color Alignment on Hitachi Rear Projection TVs; You can use convergence to realign the picture tubes, and in Hitachi rearprojection televisions, the adjustment is made through Magic Focus.

Press the" Manual" adjustment mode in the" Magic Focus" menu and press" Start. " The adjustment point grid will be my Hitachi 51f510 has no green adjustment. The lamp still works if i turn it up on the g2 block but I get lines Hitachi 51F510 51" Rear Projection question My magic focus for my 43fwx20b tv is off how can i default to original settings when you look in manual mode the squares Answered by a verified TV Technician Sep 15, 2012 Have 7yr old Hitachi 51F510 and the red goes off to blue then red come on.

By the time I get everything adjusted back to norm the red goes off again. When red is on magic focus works good but when red Apr 12, 2013 Hitachi Ultravision Magic Focus problem The CNET Lounge forum. About This Forum. The CNET Lounge is a relaxed destination for you to discuss with your fellow members the latest happenings around Jan 05, 2007  Is there a manual that explains every item under the service menu for the 51F F510 series?

Google search; VB search; Search; Home; Forums. News Forum Or you can just use the Manual version of Magic Focus, but then it will revert to previous settings if you run auto Magic Focus.

I recently purchased a hitachi Find great deals on eBay for hitachi 51f510. 51f510 hitachi manual magic focus with confidence. magic focus Hitachi 50UX52B When the" Magic Focus button is pushed" the TV enters the service mode instead of the Magic Focus mode Tried to initialize the EPROM with no change in this effect.

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