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2013 2017 FINA Synchronised Swimming Manual for Judges, Coaches& Referees 13 Annual activities may include officiating at National Championships, judging at competitions of other Federations, presenting at or attending Judges Training Local Synchronized Swimming Team Starts Season with Victory. Combining highendurance swimming, gymnastics, and dance, SCULPINS SYNCHRO kicked off its 2016 competition season with firstplace results on January 31 at the JuniorSenior Adirondack Association Championships Synchronized swimming figures manual woodworkers Hartwick College, Oneonta.

Synchronised swimming (renamed as artistic swimming since July 2017 by the global governing body FINA), is a hybrid form of swimming, dance, and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers performing a synchronised routine (either solo, duet, mixed duet, free team, free combination, and highlight) of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music.

A figure is a continuous combination of basic body positions and transitions' FINA Synchronized Swimming Manual. As each swimmer completes a figure in front of the judges panel, the judges evaluate design and control elements. FINA Artistic Swimming Manual for Judges, Coaches& Referees. FINA Rulebook (Handbook) for Synchro (As of ).

FINA Figures& Elements Support Scull& WaterPressure Drills for Synchronized Swimmers Find this Pin and more on synchro figures by Sculpins Synchro. Make your support scull the strongest, and most supportive, it can be for every synchronized swimming routine and figure. Figure 2A Synchronized Swimming V Cabling The following diagrams show standard synchronized swimming scoreboard configurations with module definitions and signage. Synchronized swimming is the execution of precise movements on, above and beneath the water while performing to music.

Add to this the combination of grace, fluidity and synchronization with an entire team and you have just imagined synchronized swimming.

Figures are technical elements competed in the 12 and under, 1315 and junior categories. Each age group has a different set of figures attributed to them, including mandatory and optionals. The optional group of figures is randomly drawn 18 to 72 hours before the start of the figure competition, and has to be made public. 2013 2017 FINA Synchronised Swimming Manual for Judges, Coaches& Referees 37 The figure charts in this section include a practical application for using the numerical difficulty values of each transition when judging figures.

Artistic Swimming Manual (Updated Aug 2018) Latest results. Artistic Swimming More results. FINA World Junior Artistic Swimming Championships 2018 Svetlana Kolesnichenko was 13 years old when she was invited to join the Russian Junior National Team in Artistic Swimming. Ten years later she is an Olympic Champion and a multiple World and Competitors in Synchronised Swimming younger than fifteen (15) years of age (on December 31 st on the year of the competition) shall not be permitted to compete at the Olympic Games, World Championships or World Cups.

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