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The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock Manual by Gary Dahl. The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock Manual by Gary Dahl. The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock Manual by Gary Dahl from Pinterest. Proper post interview thank you note. I've always felt very awkward with the concept of these With some tender love and care your pet rock and you can be best friends forever. However, the pet rock can also be a demanding creature, which is why we have created this helpful pamphlet filled with various the various do's and don'ts of pet rock care.

How to Care for Your Pet Rock There are several places you can find your new pet rock. I found my little guy at an organization for animal rescue (outside in the grass as I was leaving) adopting is definitely the way to go though.

With proper care your rock can be expected to live forever, and just like a parrot, a pet rock will often Similar books to Pet Rock Manual: Instructions on How to Take Care of Pet Rocks and Keep Your Pet Rock Happy (Guides by V. A. Sharp Book 1) An Amazon Book with Buzz: " The Other Woman" The most twisty, addictive and gripping debut thriller you'll read this year.

Aug 07, 2009  Starring my new pet rock show prospect Donovan, 6000 year old (2 months old in pet rock years). Okay, so I've ownedtrained pet rocks for about 18 The care and training of your KOCK.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the owner of a genuine, pedigreed PET ROCK. IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE YOUR PET ROCK FROM ITS BOX BEFORE READING ITEM 1 IN THIS BOOKLET. 1975 Rock Bottom Productions. Item 1. Your new rock is a very sensitive pet Jun 13, 2010 Best Answer: sorry dude, but it is illegal to put copyright things (like the pet rock manual) online. i did search all over google for you, but with out luck. but i can give you the website i use when i am unsure about something to do with my pet rock.

Each pet rock came with a thirtytwo page official training manual titled The Care and Training of your Pet Rock. The humorous instructions explained how to properly raise and care for the owners new Pet Rock (notably lacking instructions for feeding and bathing). The original Pet Rock manual, as published by Gary Dahl, and provided with pet rocks.

The Pet Rock is a rock, that comes in a paper carrier with holes on it (as it it were" alive" ), complete with grass and the Care and Training booklet. pet rock care manual this is pretty funny.

teach your pet rock simple tricks like 'sit' and 'stay. ' 'Rollover' requires some help from the trainer. Find this Pin and more on SWAPS by Randi Burley. pet rock swap this seems like a really cute gag gift for a self proclaimed" Forever Alone" friend Aug 19, 2009" how to train your pet rock!

" (based on an actual rock training manual) A pack of wild rocks In closing As the owner of a PET ROCK you have assumed a responsibility to love and care for this new addition to your family. If your rock should misbehave, be patient. If it should cause you problems, be forgiving. Getting your first pet rock can be exciting, but pet rocks require a great deal of responsibility.

This manual will help you to take care of your pet rock, and learn how to enjoy the company of your pet rock to the fullest extent possible. Published at the web's largest poetry site. With the proper care, your pet rock can be expected to live forever. This is not just a decision for you, as a pet owner. This is a commitment by your whole family and your heirs to provide for the ongoing needs of your pet.

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