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The JOFRA HPC500 calibrators introduce a new generation of AMETEK handheld pressure calibrators. This series has been designed to meet 6 www. jofra. com Handheld Pressure Calibrator Model HPC500 HPC500 or HPC502 calibrator User manual Set for each pressure port STANDARD DELIVERY (HPC Calibrator) Thank you for choosing the HPC40 Series handheld pressure calibrator from Crystal Engineering Corporation.

HPC40 calibrators feature deadweight tester [email protected] com. HPC40 Series Operation Manual Operation PRESSURE SENSORS The HPC40 Series is equipped with one or two pressure sensors. In addition, a Crystal APM (Advanced Pressure Calibrator! With this AMETEK JOFRA calibrator, you have chosen an Ametek pressure calibrator manual transfer under pressure.

The calibrator must under no conditions be stored or operated at ambient temperatures above 60 C (140 F). Doing so may cause Reference Manual. than those described in this manual. View and Download Ametek JOFRA HPC600 user manual online. Handheld Pressure Calibrator. JOFRA HPC600 Test Equipment pdf manual download. User manual; Ametek JOFRA HPC600 User Manual. 13. Custody Transfer Flow Calibration The Model HPC600 is ideal for flow computer calibration. Every manufacturer of flow computers has a different The software application handles all of the transfer and saving of data to your computers hard drive, while the XP2i once authorized, performs all of the actual data collection.

You can also use the software to update your gauge to the latest firmware. System E includes an Ametek HPC pressure calibrator, standard accessories, and a highpressure hydraulic jack pump (0 to 700 bar). The hydraulic pump makes it very easy to prime the system. You can adjust the calibrator to fit the best viewing angle. JOFRA calibrators because calibration is a matter of confidence. custody transfer systems. They are the pressure calibrators of choice in potential explosive atmospheres.

The intrinsically rivals a pressure calibrator and is temperature compensated for shop or machine room applications. The RTC Reference Temperature Calibrator can measure temperature from 100 to 700C.

The ability to accurately measure the flow of gas in the pipeline is critical for custody transfer. (Free) Calibration software for easy calibration of RTDs, thermocouples, transmitters, thermo switches, pressure gauges, and pressure switches. pressure calibrator. Its internal pressure sensor combined with an innovative Europe, Africa, Middle East AMETEK Denmark AS 45 4816 8000 Asia AMETEK Singapore Pte. Ltd.

At 65 (64) 842 388 Check to see if your calibrator is complete. It should include: JOFRA HPC600 Calibrator, instruction manual, test leads, calibration hose kit The new JOFRA handheld pressure calibrator from AMETEK Calibration Instruments offers electrical generation of pressure or vacuum with the touch of a key. The calibrator features a unique builtin electrical pump system. Designed to save time, money and space, the Ametek HPC600 is a pressure indicator, a pressure calibrator, a complete mA loop calibrator, a voltmeter, a thermometer and a pressurevacuum generator.

All this fits in a palmsized meter complete with ruggedized housing and This user manual applies to the following instruments: JOFRA ATC125 A cm on all sides and 1 metre above the calibrator. NEVER use heat transfer fluids such as silicone, oil, paste, etc.

in the dryblock calibrators. under pressure. The calibrator must under no conditions be stored or operated at ambient temperatures above 60C

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