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John Seaber on Announcing EL DAC, EL Amp, OL DAC, and OL Switcher by JDS Labs Yannick Khong on Announcing EL DAC, EL Amp, OL DAC, and OL Switcher by JDS Labs John Seaber on How to Connect a Headphone Amplifier to an Audio Interface C5D is a highperformance portable headphone amplifier featuring digital volume control, multiposition bass boost, dual gain, and asynchronous digitaltoanalog conversion compatible with iPad, iPhone, and all UAC1 compatible operating systems.

Genuine National JDSLABS Objective2 Black Edition By NwAvGuy Headphone Amplifier JDS LABS (Made in USA) iFi Audio Micro iDSD Black Label USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier for Home and Portable. FiiO K5 Docking Headphone AmplifierDAC, Titanium. Low Jitter C5D's asynchronous PCM5102A DAC operates with ultra low jitter, symmetrical pairs Jan 25, 2013 JDS Labs C5D C5 with DAC With the new C5D JDS Labs have made the C5 a whole lot more versatile whilst keeping the same small profile.

It now includes a DAC which works with Android, Apple devices (CCK required) and also Macs and PC's. Find great deals on eBay for jds labs. Shop with confidence. Hi JDS Lab, Im really enjoy the quality music of C5D. Beside the features already supported, I hope you will consider some these features for C5D in the future: Buyers Guide. Explore Our Complete Line of Products. Portable Desktop cMoyBB. C5D. Objective2 C5D brings the black background and technical excellence of our larger amplifiers to listeners on the go.

JDS Labs's success is due to cMoyBB's legendary bass boost switch. cMoyBB is a great match for those who demand extra bass punch and At 250, JDS Labs C5D certainly an investment and one that only audiophiles can easily justify but if youre looking for stellar audio performance from any and everything that supports an external USB DAC or a simple lineout, the C5D is likely one of the best portable amplifiers in the business and definitely the best Ive ever heard.

JDS Labs C5D Review Your Best Friend OnTheGo Justin McBride August 16, 2014 Headphone Amps, Portable, Reviews Leave a comment 2, 056 Views Id like to thank John Seaber and the folks at JDS Labs for the C5D loaner unit.

Shop AUDIO TRUE TO SOUND, MADE IN THE USA Featured Element Line Objective Line AMPDACs; Amplifiers; DACs; Large Rubber Feet for JDS Labs Element 4 Pack A set of four replacement rubber feet for The Element, EL DAC, or EL Amp. C5D AmplifierDAC C5D is built for portable users who demand maximum audio quality, exceptionally low

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