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Development of Pakistan School Disaster Management Training Manual and Teacher Guide, March to May 2014 Since early March 2014 Fumiyo Kagawa and David Selby of Sustainability Frontiers have been involved in developing a training program on school disaster management for Pakistan. 'i. school disaster management plan. contents. i. introduction annexure i" activities for sensitisatlon meeting. j" annexure" (j. school disaster managementcommittee MODEL DISASTER MANAGMEMENT PLAN FOR HIGH SCHOOLS AND HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOLS.

2 Disaster Management Plan cannot overrule disaster but the aim of such plan is Roles and Responsibilities of School Disaster Management Committee 1. The S. D. M. C. will help the school in preparation of and evaluation of ii Contents 1 Our School DRRM Manual 3 School DRRM Summary 3 Preparedness: Before a Disaster 4 Response and Early Recovery: During and After Disaster 5 School DRRM Manual Step 1 STEP 1 ASSESS (KNOW YOUR RISKS) 6 a.

Studentled School Watching and Hazard Mapping 7 b. Community Hazard Maps 7 c. Building Inspection including Fire Safety 7 d. Basic Education Profile 7 e. School School Emergency Response Plan& Management Guide This School Emergency Response Plan and Management Guide establishes the framework for creating, reviewing, or updating the emergency and crisis response plans for participating school buildings in the District of Columbia.

Centre ADPC, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (Manual for school preparedness), the Sri Lankan Disaster Management Centre DMC, the Education Leadership Development CenterMeepe, based on the experiences from the pilot project that included schools from School Crisis Response Manual School Health Programs Department San Francisco Unified School District.

Page is color controlled with Supercolor School Disaster Management 3 1. Assessment and Planning 5 Disaster and Emergency Preparedness: Guidance for Schools Addenda 43 Disaster and Emergency Preparedness: Guidance for Schools To develop skills and provisions for disaster and emergency preparedness, re Followings links discuss in brief about school safety tips in school buildings: School Safety: A handbook for administrators, educations officers, emergency officials, school principals& teachers.

Content provided by National Disaster Management Authority(NDMA), Government of India School Disaster Management Planning 2 Planning Principles: When developing a school emergency management plan, observance of the planning principles mentioned below will assist planning committees to develop a This School Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Manual has been developed by the Department of Education to serve as a common template for School Emergency Planning& Safety (NIMS) as well as general courses aimed at building school emergency management capacity.

The manual is intended for use by schools who feel they are at risk to attack and is designed to meet the needs of all schools, including those with The School disaster management plan (SDMP) is comprehensive dossier that helps to identify risks, assess resources and structure emergency task forces in a school.

The SDMP enables the school to prepare and respond effectively in case of a disaster situation. The format suggested in this dossier

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