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You can help keep The Sierra Help Pages alive by helping to defray some of the costs of hosting this site. If it has been of help to you, please consider contributing to help keep it online. All manuals (except Quest for Glory 5's) have been painstakenly retyped and edited to fit the original source as closely as possible. All images have been scanned from the original manuals and the pages have been formatted to fit a 8.

5" x11" page. Quest For Glory 4 Solution [ CREATING CHARACTERS, COMBAT TIPS Problem: Advice on creating and playing as a Fighter. Hint: A Fighter's most important stats are Strength, Vitality, Agility, Weapon Use, and Parry. The documentation comprises the 'Sierra Game Manual 'Shadows of Darkness Technical Guide 'The Journal of General Job Adjusting, HERO, Special Hallowe'en Issue' and 'Quest for Glory Shadows of darkness Combat Reference Card Gloriana (aka Earth ) is the fantasy world that the affairs and events of the entire Quest for Glory series revolve around.

Not much is known about Gloriana, although from the geographic regions and cultural societies encountered throughout the series, as well as hints from dialog by ingame Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness is an adventure gameroleplaying video game hybrid. It is the fourth installment of the Quest for Glory computer game series by Sierra OnLine. It was the first and only game of the series to drop the numerals from the title. Oct 14, 2016 Wherein we have our fortune read and then set out to help the friendly (if homicidal) neighborhood rusalka break her curse.

Awesome soundtrack by Aubrey Hodg Elyssa (aka Ilyssa Pavlovna ) is a Rusalka, a watery spirit appearing in Mordavia Lake. Elyssa was once a beautiful young woman engaged to Janos, until he drowned her in the lake while they were skinny dipping because she refused to have sex with him. Sierra's fourth Quest For Glory game is a journey into the land of Mordavia, a Transylvanialike setting. Our Hero had just begun to enjoy his victory in Tarna, when a spell zapped him into parts unknown, without a weapon, items, or even a source of light.

Quest for Glory IV Walkthrough. Cave Map; Forest Map; Town Map; When asked use manual to give ingredients. Magic users ask about Magic to receive glide spell. Use the TRAP again to find out what hexapods eat. Lake Talk to the Rusalka. Give her flowers and talk to her again.

Paladin talk to her a couple times and get some of her hair. Description of Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness. In 1993, Sierra OnLine, Inc. publishes Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness on DOS. This action, adventure and roleplaying (rpg) game is now abandonware and is set in a fantasy and puzzle elements.

Jul 13, 2009 I dare you to kiss her, especially when she is a rotting corpse.

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