Crystal ilbi forging manual

" Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars Forging Manual" After you have gotten the blueprint go to Omega Sector and talk to Spindle with the following items to forge it: Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars Forging Manual what is the crystal ilbi quest line? Shade Forum Talk about Shade I got crystal ilbis manual and 7luk crystal and 1 dark crstal and one ilbi what now talking to john aint working.

plus omega sector is blocked Jul 05 2014. Icephoenix21 Level 213 Scania Bishop Icephoenix21. Why should I donate? Consider donating to help us with the high server costs of our database! Read more details To forge: Crystal Ilbi Forging Manual, 1 Ilbi ThrowingStar, 7 LUK Crystal, and 1 Dark Crystal.

Crystal Leaf Earrings Crystal Leaf Earrings Forging Manual Taru Totem, Naricain Jewel, and Mystic Astrolabe To forge: Crystal Leaf Earrings Forging Manual and 2 Diamond. Facestompers Aug 09, 2018 You will receive a" Crystal Ilbi ThrowingStars Forging Manual" which you will then have to head to Omega Sector with& talk to" Spindle" with the following items to forge it into the throwingstars Crystal Ilbi ThrowingStars Forging Manual Crystal Ilbi ThrowingStars.

Type Star. A throwingstar made of crystal. Once they run out, they need to be recharged. rnAttack 29 To make crystal ilbis, you need a Crystal ilbi manual, 7 LUK crystals, 1 dark crystal, and a set of regular ilbis. Report Bad Comment night walker Mar 29, 2015  Episode 6 Creating Crystal Ilbi ThrowingStars and show how to make Crystal Ilbi's.

and 1 Crystal Ilbi Forging Manual. The Crystal Ilbi Forging Manual is WornOut Dagger Forging Manual. Available from: This item can be obtained from Mason the Collector (Level 60 and above), Just Another Day At Work (Level 28 and above) quest. GMs will never ask for your username and password. Even Hidden Street staff will never ask for it. Feb 07, 2016 iTCG Guide. Discussion in 'Guides' started by Plenty, Sep 26, 2014. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next Crystal Leaf Forging Manual 5 Wisdom Crystals 2 Crystal Shards 1 Black Versal Material.

Crystal Ilbi ThrowingStar Forging Manual 5 LUK Crystals 3 Crystal Shards

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