Manual solvent parts washer

A petroliumbased solvent parts washer can be used for cleaning intricate parts to very large parts depending on the style unit you choose. Choose from benchtop, drum mount, or free standing variations to handle cleaning with the solvent. Solvent parts washer capacities vary between 5 to 117 gallons.

Manual parts washers are effective for cellular and local use in both automotive garages and industrial applications. Small footprints and highly effective cleaning make these units a great addition to your cleaning process. Solvent and aqueous parts washer lease, maintenance, and service. Parts washer solvent exchange of used solvent with fresh solvent. Our manual solvent parts washers provide a range of cleaning capacities for light to moderate soil levels.

All parts are manually cleaned when solvent is stored and cycled through the flexible spigot or flowthrough brush for handy use. Product Features Cleaning solvent For use on all metal parts, most plastics, and painted SafetyKleen has developed a wide variety of solvent parts washers to meet specific needs and is the only parts washer to earn NASCAR performance designation.

Available in designs specifically adapted for either solvent or aqueous cleaning fluids, manual parts washers are the most common parts washers in the marketplace. They are typically the lowest cost and are best used for light, sporadic cleaning, to more involved cleaning. Contact Graymills today!

20GALLON PARTS WASHER OWNERS MANUAL WARNING: Read carefully and understand all INSTRUCTIONS before operating. Failure to follow the This 20Gallon Parts Washer is suitable for the rapid cleaning of small mechanical parts, motor parts, etc. Solvent JobSmart 20 Gallon Parts Washer Assembly& Operating Instructions 3 GENERAL PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES: 20 Gallon Tank Capacity 12 Gallon Solvent Capacity Amazing deals on this 20 Gal Parts Washer With Pump at Harbor Freight.

Quality tools& low prices. The recirculating pump on this heavy duty parts washer has a flexible spigot to direct solvent flow over parts. User Manual. Product Manual: Click here to Download the Manual for the 20 gal. Parts Washer with Pump operating manual. 2. ALWAYS wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and goggles, Assemble the legs and shelf to the parts washer as shown in the parts diagram on page 6, using the screws and nuts supplied.

3. Remove the pump housing cover plate (2 self tapping screws) and We do not recommend the use of solventbased parts washer The Magido DG8 model is manual sinkstyle parts washer that will adapt to any workplace due to its small size. The wash system is constructed using AISI 304 stainless steel unlike most of the traditional washers on the market that are made from thin plastic.

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