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Yes, another new COBOL compiler for zOS! Come and hear about what is new in Enterprise COBOL V4. 2: XML PARSE enhancements, including: Support 5 1. 02 256x198x41. 6 15 1024x576 10 5 Downloaded from www. Manualslib. com manuals search engine Data sheet; IBM Enterprise COBOL for zOS, V6. 2 enables your COBOL applications to exploit the latest zArchitecture.

This data sheet provides a comprehensive, easytoread reference written from a client benefit perspective that outlines functionality, advantages and capabilities of IBM Enterprise COBOL for zOS, V6.

2. IBM Enterprise COBOL for zOS, V4 will run on any zArchitecture processor that includes the zArchitecture ExtendedTranslation Facility 2. Software requirements IBM Enterprise COBOL for zOS, V4. 2 runs under the control of, or in conjunction with, the currently supported releases of the following programs and their subsequent releases or IBM Enterprise COBOL Version 4 Release 2 Performance Tuning March 15, 2010 R.

J. Arellanes IBM Corporation Software Group 555 Bailey Avenue San Jose, CA In general, if you are on a supported release of the compiler you should have fewer concerns moving to the latest release of COBOL or zOS.

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COBOL (option 4. 2) zOS ISPF User's Guide Vol II SC ISPF generates an ISPEXEC SELECT PGM(IGYCRCTL) statement to invoke a COBOL compiler using the values you enter on the Foreground COBOL Compile panel, shown in Figure 1.

COBOL FAQS. Table of Contents Reference modification e. g. : WSVAR(1: 2) is supported only in VS COBOL II. EVALUATE is supported only in VS COBOL II. Scope terminators are supported only in VS COBOL II. OSVS Cobol follows ANSI 74 stds while VS COBOL II follows ANSI 85 stds. Data that was accepted as valid (or not detected as invalid) by Enterprise COBOL Version 4.

2 and earlier could now be invalid with COBOL Version 5. 2 and 6. 1. And, of course, spend some time reading through the migration guides for each version to get a better sense of where youre going:

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