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Replacing the Epilog Legend 36EXT Lens Assembly. Although the standard 2" focal lens that comes with the EXT will work well for most projects, to achieve the optimum laser beam on special types of projects, we offer two optional focus lenses. OWNER'S MANUAL FOR EPILOG Legend 36EXT MODEL 9000 This manual can also be found in electronic format on the Epilog Dashboard Drivers and Documentation disk that came with your laser system. April 22, 2010 Table Mountain Parkway Golden, CO Phone (303) Parts and accessories: 2" laser lens 2" laser lens w air assist cone Vector Cutting Grid Duty Table Equipment location: South Central Texas Epilog Legend 36EXT 9000, 75W Inquire.

Manufactured by: Epilog Model number: Legend 36EXT 9000, 75W Year manufactured: new window optic Maintenance by certified technician in August 2017 Original manual Printed 2010 Updated Manual Epilog Quick Start Guide 24" x 36" Honeycomb cutting bed Additional 1. 5" lens Technical specifications of our Legend 36EXT. The 36EXT is a legacy system of Epilog Laser.

See specifications on this unit below. Parts and accessories: Includes: Rotary device (engraving on outside of cylindrical objects, like a drinking glass) honeycomb vector cutting table 2 inch (precision cutting) and 4 inch lenses vector air assist pump. Introduction. One of the most popular machines in the lab, this 120 Watt Laser Cutter can cut and etch wood and certain plastics.

When the laser cuts, it Laser Tube Replacement in the Epilog Mini and Helix. Machine Types: Epilog Mini 1824 and Helix Tools needed: Phillips head screwdriver# 1 Turn off and unplug the laser system. Facing the back of the machine, remove the 9 screws using the Phillips head screwdriver on the back panel. Technical specifications of our Legend 36EXT.

The 36EXT is a legacy system of Epilog Laser. See specifications on this unit below. Apr 07, 2014 A detailed show and tell of Epilog's encoder strip maintenance. International Service Training Manual August, 2006 Table Mountain Parkway Golden, CO Epilog 36EXT Specifications Maximum Engraving Area 36" x 24 (914 x 609 mm) Legend 36EXT Tools Needed: 10 mm open end wrench (this wrench is included in the accessories kit that came Epilog Legend 36EXT Firmware and Driver Downloads Driver Update Notification Signup Signup to receive email notification when a new driver or Power Consumption and Your Laser Using the formula and information below, you can discover how much power our laser systems draw as well as how much it costs to operate a laser.

Most users are pleasantly surprised at how energy and cost efficient th Epilog Mini 18 Laser: Entrylevel model in our Legend Elite Series, the Mini 18 provides an 18" x 12" work area, but with the highestquality engraving. Don't let the small size fool you with a 18" Download the latest manual for your laser system. Epilog's owner manual is a complete stepbystep instruction guide that will walk you

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