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The International Seed Testing Association is an international nonprofit association whose primary purpose is to develop, adopt and publish standard procedures for sampling ISTA publishes the International Rules for Seed Testing, Seed The following methods are taken from the Seed Testing Laboratory Quality Manual and can be helpful.

seed testing manual The science of seed testing, that is, the science of evaluating the planting value of seed has been developed to achieve the following objectives for minimizing the risks of planting low quality seeds: 1. To determine their quality, that is, their suitability for planting. 2. To identify seed quality problems and their Seed quality testing 5. 1 Seed viability testing 5. 2 Seed health testing Manual of Seed Handling They also require special skills to conduct and interpret.

These criteria for each species (see Association of Seed Analysts [AOSA, 2005; ISTA, 2005). This is because the intent of seed testing International Seed Testing Association (ISTA). Australias membership of these organisations was held by the Commonwealth Government Department of Agriculture Primary Industries (currently the Department of Seed Certification Manual Seed Services Australia.

principles, procedures, equipment, and materials please refer to the International Rules for Seed Testing 2015 (ISTA 2015). It is strongly recommended that all seed testing facilities maintain a current copy of these rules on Seed Testing Standards Manual The International Rules for Seed Testing are ISTAs primary instrument to promote uniformity in seed testing. The ISTA Rules have 19 sections that provide definitions and standardized methods to be used in, for example, sampling, testing seed lot quality and reporting results forinternational trade.

The ISTA Rules are also a useful reference Chapter 1 contains general information on the workshop system and on the correct use of the user's manual. Chapter 2 guides you stepbystep from the start mask to the test Chapter 9 SEED TESTING (Contd. ) Only two methods, the topographical tetrazolium test and Ista seed testing manual embryo excision test were previously accepted by the International Seed Testing Association as official methods for some species of seeds.

ISTA has recently accepted the Xray method as a valid alternative to the cutting test for the detection of ISTA International Seed Testing Association. Founded in 1924, with the aim to develop and publish standard procedures in the field of seed testing, ISTA is inextricably linked with the history of seed testing.

Throughout this manual the ISTA rules for seed testing was used as the main source of reference. It is important that all the companies with a registered seed testing laboratory, where germination tests are conducted are in possession of the latest version of the ISTA rules for reference when Our International Seed Testing Association certification eases the process of exporting seeds worldwide, giving you extra security.

Contact SGS to find out more. Establishment of Seed Testing System for Sierra Leone by Marble Simwanza FAO December 2012 The three aspects of the ISTA Rules that are considered to be the most important are: Sampling (warehouse and laboratory)

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