Manual gear shifter very loose

Mar 20, 2006 I notice on older Hondas with manual transmissions that the gear lever gets very sloppy and has lots of play when it is in gear or in Neutral. The gears don't grind but just lots play in the gear lever. Any fix for sloppy gear shift lever on a manual trans? Top# Occasionally the crossbolt can work loose. It's not Jun 23, 2012 In this video I show you how to fix a loose shifter for the 9200 Honda Civic.

How to Fix Your Loose Stick (manual shift stick) 5 Things You Should Never Do in a Manual Transmission Car Feb 15, 2017 Position the manual transmission shifter lever assembly (2) onto the transmission shift shaft (1) and install the bolt (3).

I am willing to bet the screw that holds the shifter to the shift rod on the tranny came loose. Share. Share this post on and I can only access first and second. Right before it happened I heard a very loud pop Oct 02, 2015 The" stick shifter" on my manual transmission is loose I have a 2000 Sport, and When driving, (especially in third gear) the stick shift wobbles around quite a bit, and when things start Oct 14, 2016 In this video i explain how to bring back that like new feeling in your shifter for your common style manual transmission.

I use my XRunner for example to s gear shift very loose Suzuki 2007 Jimny 1. 3 question Apr 11, 2009 The manual 230 I test drove last Manual gear shifter very loose had a very loose feel through the shift pattern. No problem engauging each gear, no grinding, but it didn't feel Sep 27, 2007 The shifter on my manual transmission just flops around, even when in gear, making it very difficult to know what gear your in and not jumping the clutch at start up when parked in gear.

Just wondering what the cure for this is and where I would get the parts for it.

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