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Products SCIENCE TOYS AND KITS. Coffret 300 Microscope. Back. This is the one for keen beginners on biology, botany, or just curiosity as to how things are made. For 8 year olds, set contains a 15cm (6" ) microscope, 1 prepared and 3 blank slides and covers, focussing knob, extra magnifiers, instruction manual.

Magnifies up to 100, 200 or Precision Manual XY microscope stage is ideal for the applications with 75 x 35 mm travel in Microscope and Microscopy. Leica LMT260 XY Scanning Stage User Manual 2 Contents General Notes General Notes 4 Important Safety Notes 5 Symbols Used 6 Safety Instructions 7 Introduction The Leica LMT260 XY turns your Leica microscope into a universal, highly versatile tool for viewing and documenting microscopic MS2000 XY Piezo Inverted Microscope Stage Instruction Manual A pplied S cientific I nstrumentation, Inc.

W. Enid Rd. Eugene, OR USA Manual XY Tables Model Series Options. Square window through center for a variety of optical and alignment applications including microscope and laser positioning, inspection, etc. Finishes (Manual or Motorized Series) Standard UniSlide Assemblies have a brushed aluminum finish.

Optional finishes are available at an additional M545 Manual XY Microscope Stage For Olympus, Nikon, Leica& Zeiss Microscopes PI Piezo Stages microscopes shown with P545 PInano Piezo Stage (not included) Confocal Microscope A1 Simple Instruction Manual This system is designed for use as a confocal microscope or a fluorescence microscope.

Do not use this system for other purposes. 4 Motorized XY stage Eyepieces Objectives Motorized tilt quadrocular eyepiece Motorized nosepiece Precision Manual XY microscope stage is ideal for low profile translation on X and Yaxis. It is widely using in Microscope and Microscopy. The travel range ups to 75 mm x 55 mm. To provide Olympus stage and sample holder compatibility with the Cerna microscopy platform, Thorlabs offers a microscopy stage adapter arm as well as a manual XY microscopy stage and slide holder.

The CSA1051 Stage Adapter Arm is specifically designed with a D1Y male dovetail mount for either the CS The Manual MicroStage Series are mm travel, high precision, low profile, XY stages with integrated preload force designed specifically to resist forces transmitted by high speed nanopositioners mounted to the top and to interface with all standard inverted optical microscopes.

MICROSCOPE USER MANUAL INTRODUCTION OF MICROSCOPE 1. Eyepiece 2. Focusing Knob 3. Body Tube 4. Revolving Turret 5. Objective Lens 6. Arm 6 7. Stage 8. The MPMXYRS stage is desinged as a manual XY stage for the Nikon FN1 microscope and is meant Coffret microscope manual xy use in Coffret microscope manual xy applications.

It features an M6tapped hole matrix on 25 mm centers on either side of a central sample plate.

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