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Crescendo X is a luxury wireless speaker featuring Bluetooth, AirPlay, and wholehome wireless streaming with DTS PlayFi technology. Under the grill, the Crescendo X includes dual audiophile quality Folded Motion tweeters and a 5x7inch midbass woofer for a deep, extended bass response. The MartinLogan Crescendo is a powerful and precise premium wireless speaker system, featuring dual audiophile quality Folded Motion tweeters and a 5x7 midbass woofer for a MartinLogan Crescendo X Networked Speaker Review.

Carlo Lo Raso October 30, 2017 Wireless Speakers. It was nice and well thought out touch for MartinLogan to include the Sub Out feature on this speaker. It adds to the units flexibility and it could make a genuine, one box (plus small sub) solution for a small apartment dweller. The new Crescendo is a venture in an entirely new product category for Martin Logan.

They have however maintained their normal quality thinking and produced a product that belongs in the top class among" wireless desktop speakers". The Martin Logan Crescendo is more stylish, I guess, though the JBL looks better in person than in photos and is a bit less imposing on a shelf in the room. But the Crescendo just does not do anything to justify a price that is 50 higher than the JBL (900 vs. 600. ) Apr 18, 2017 The MartinLogan Crescendo X speaker looks and sounds amazing, but a skyhigh price and some usability quirks hold it back.

The Crescendos user manual does an excellent job explaining the behavior of each input. By using AirPlay and Bluetooth, I never had to pickup the included remote for any functionality. The Crescendo is fully Apple AirPlay compliant and its integration with Apple devices is simply brilliant.

The Crescendos remote control quickly adjusts volume, selects inputs, and controls your media. The remote also allows you to easily switch between two discrete acoustic modesBass mode (for those moments requiring a little extra thunder) and a manual.


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