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CAD Standards: TxDOT CAD Standard Plan Files. Bridge Standards; Maintenance Standards; Roadway Standards; Traffic Standards; TxDOT Supported CADD Software& The Construction Division performs inspection and testing and provides administrative oversight for all department construction contracts.

The division is responsible for contractor prequalification, bid proposal issuance and awarding (letting) construction and maintenance contracts. Project Tracker Upgrade Now it's easier to check the progress of TxDOT projects near you. Manual Notice From: John F. Obr, P. E.Director, Construction Division Manual: Construction Contract Administration Manual (CCAM) Effective Date: August 28, 2015 Purpose This manual notice transmits revi sions to the manual and provides clarification a nd additional guid Construction Project Administration Manual (CPAM) Traffic Signals Manual 13 TxDOT Chapter 1 Introduction Section 1 Overview may install, maintain, and operate traffic signals on state highway frontage roads in all areas, FHWA direct or federally assisted construction con tract or subcontract regardless of tier.

C. Department means the Texas Department of Transportation. D. DOT means the U. S. Department of Transportation, including the Office of the Secretary, the Federal Texas Department of Transportation STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE OF HIGHWAYS, STREETS, AND BRIDGES Adopted by the Texas Department of Transportation Section 1: Overview Texas Department of Transportation 1 Overview This DesignBuild (DB) Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Implementation Guide provides guidance for the

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