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Manuals and Brochures. Learn about Horus Vision products in the following PDF documents. Reticle Manuals. Tactical Manual: H130 Manual: H32 Manual: H36 Manual: Brochures. Reticles Booklet 2017: Who Sells Scopes with Horus Reticles?

Licensing Horus Reticles: H59H58 Comparison: Technical Specifications. Reticle Data Sheets. Tremor3 Technical Horus reticle markings are calibrated in milbased increments, allowing for precise measurement to the nearest 110 mil.

When zeroing Horus reticles, the main crosshair should be precisely zeroed to match the point of impact at 100 meters. 9 HORUS H58 RETICLE SUBTENSIONS How to Use the H58 Reticle by Todd Hodnett Horus Reticle The Horus reticle is a patented grid system replacing the 40yearold archaic mildot shooting method. either by consulting the charts in this manual or by using the following formula: 6 (Height of Target in Yards x 1, 000) Height of Target in Mils Range HORUS H58 RETICLE SUBTENSIONS DETAIL VIEW X NONILLUMINATED.

15 APPARENT SIZE OF THE TARGET IN MILS ACTUAL SIZE OF THE TARGET IN INCHES OR YARDS This manual should only be used for Elite Tactical Riflescopes with these reticle designs: Bushnell Mil Dot Reticle hoRuS viSion h59 RETiCLE The H59 reticle is a fieldtuned version of the H58 reticle from Horus Vision. The horizontal grid is widened by one mil for increased wind holdover.

Additionally, the center cross has been Horus H58 Reticle. Cal July 31, 2014 Leave a comment. Related Articles. What Makes ELR Hard& Products Worth Checking Out Part 2. August 26, 2018. Always consult comprehensive reference manuals and bulletins for details of proper training requirements, procedures, techniques and safety precautions before attempting any similar activity.

Apr 15, 2011 How to Use the H58 Reticle By Todd Hodnett. April 15, 2011 Leave a comment. H58 Reticle, Horus Reticle, Horus Vision, Todd Hodnett. About horusvision Horus Vision is all about long range and extreme shooting. We're known for our patented reticles and shooting accessories. One of our main goals is supporting the troops and The H58 is a unique design incorporating all the benefits of a Horus reticle with new features for additional benefits.

The H58 has extended wind dots placed at

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