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August 17, 2010. A A Among boutique and custom pedal lovers, Analog Man enjoys a reputation for building some of the worlds aNaLoG. MaN decided someone must make this pedal again, so in 1998 we came up with a functional duplicate, in a smaller, more rugged box.

We started making our chorus pedal as a CLONE but now after many improvements and tuning, it has far surpassed the original (and EHs more recent reissue) not only in features, but also in sound. Analog Man King Of Tone: Analog Man overdrive pedal, distortion pedal Dec 25, 2007 Forum discussion: Eh, wrong board and no idea what the right one is.

It's an obstacle to home repair so maybe it counts. : p I have this treadmill in a small bedroom (Nordic Track C2270) Analog Man is one of the oldest and most highly regarded pedal manufacturers around.

Their pedals are always in a constant state of back order, with lead times often up to a year or more. Analog Man is known for many popular pedals such as the King of Tone, Sunface Fuzz, Comprosser, BiChorus, and Beano Boost.

Humbucke The Analog Man Chorus has been one of the most popular chorus pedals available for the last several years. We started making that pedal as a CLONE but after many improvements we feel it has far surpassed the original not only in features, but also in sound.

Shop eBay for great deals on Analog Man Guitar Effects Pedals. You'll find new or used products in Analog Man Guitar Effects Pedals on eBay. Free shipping on selected items. Analog Man offers the Mini Chorus.

The MINICHORUS is the same as our normal chorus, but in a smaller, hand stamped box. It is the same size as our small comprossorsjuicers. Another MUST HAVE for your pedal board!

Features. May 01, 2011 The Analogman chorus was originally a clone of the ElectroHarmonic small clone, and has been modified quite a bit since then. It claims to be there first boutique chorus pedal. It claims to be there first boutique chorus pedal. Sep 20, 2011 Analogman makes some of the coolest pedals out there.

Here we've got his BiCompressor and Chorus pedals. The BiCompressor combines an Orange Squeeze and Analogman chorus manual treadmill Specs, features, and all else aside, sound quality is what it's all about with any effects pedal, and Analogman pedals in general really shine here. I've been in the hunt for a really nice chorus for ages and have owned some impressive boxes; ChoralFlange, Red Twister, Voodoo Lab, DLS, Maxon, Clone Analog. Man. The Analog Man Chorus pedal now has true bypass (since 2000), depth knob, and cool silkscreened, darker blue hammertone powdercoated cases for durability.

Analog Man is the place to go for everything between your guitar and amp, cables, effects pedals, power supplies, pedalboards, and all sorts of accessories.

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