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temperature for each of the eight columns, ensuring easy replication of thermal conditions. The Techne Prime cycler range is the most reliable low cost personal cycler solution on the market and is backed up by a 4 year warranty.

Buy Techne Endurance Interchangeable Thermal Cycler Blocks and more from our comprehensive selection of Parts and Accessories from ColeParmer Shop online for a wide selection of Techne 3PRIMEBASE Thermal Cyclers Full color touchscreen display, easy programming and intuitive user interface, which provides an unrivalled A: The annealing temperature of the specific primers used in DNA amplification often requires optimisation.

Instead of running multiple experiments with different annealing temperatures and different MgCl 2 and primer concentrations the gradient thermal cycler allows the testing of 12 different annealing temperatures (8 different reaction conditions) simultaneously. Techne. 3. Prime. Thermal Cycler. www. techneusa. com. Techne have upgraded their established personal cycler range to provide easier programming and Rent the Techne TC 312 Thermal Cycler or other Thermal Cyclers from the KWIPPED equipment rental marketplace.

Techne Genius Thermal Cycler Techne is established as one of the leading suppliers of thermal cyclers with experience in the design and manufacture of thermal cyclers since 1987. The exciting new TCPLUS range extends the potential applications to both fast and highthroughput PCR.

Contact Us. ColeParmer, Beacon Road, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 OSA, UK. Tel: 44 (0) 1785 812 121 Fax: 44 (0) 1785 810 405. Email: Techne's Genius is a versatile, high throughput thermal cycler, accepting 0. 2 and 0. 5 ml microfuge tubes; 96, 192, and 384well microplates; a 0. 2 ml Robbins plate; and a flat plate for in situ cycling. INTRODUCTION The TC5000 is a gradient thermal cycler, designed to accurately control the temperatures of samples between 4C and 99C.

It has many scientific applications including DNA amplification, PCR1, reverse transcription and sequencing. Genius OPERATORS MANUAL 53 Thermal Fuse The block is also fitted with a thermal fuse. Should the temperature rise so that this blows the unit will still indicate that it is calling for heat but the block temperature will fall. Baths and thermoregulators Biological stirrers Dip and flow coolers Driblock heaters Gelation timer Hybridisation incubators Liquid calibration baths Refrigerated baths Sample concentrator Thermal cyclers Techne Prime Thermal Cycler has been fully upgraded the thermal cyclers providing the greatest range of instruments available on the market from the personal size up to the full size Prime G instrument with its full color touchscreen and intuitive user interface.

Find new and used Manuals for Biotechnology ThermalCyclers Manuals and other analytical instruments for sale, trade and auction at HiTechTrader. Perkin Elmer, Techne, GL Applied Research, BioRad Laboratories, Perkin Elmer and more. P1 (1) Techne Genius Thermal Cycler. Lot# 3008, Item# Seller: UTSWEDU (The University of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterDallas) Techne Genius Thermal Cycler w Operator's Manual. Terms& Conditions Buyers premium is in effect for this item, the rate is 10.

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