997 pdk or manual transfer

Think the traditional manual shifter is a surefire choice over Porsche's Doppelkupplung system? Think again, as Lee gives you seven reasons why PDK is the You see, what we have here is a Generation 2 (997. 2) Turbo with a manual gearbox. Thats something of a rarity Porsche GB is selling only 20 per cent of Turbos with such a transmission compared to the twinclutch PDK automatic gearbox.

PDK to me is a next generation manual transmission, not only I can still manly shift my gears back and forward, it also saves a whole lot of efforts when stuck in the traffic. Just a personal preference! Oct 17, 2015 PDK or manual? Why I bought the PDK for my 2015 Porsche 911 (991) Carrera GTS in spite of my history of driving manual transmission cars.

I love manuals. I h Porsche 997: PDK vs. Manual Lighting quick electronic gear shifts or mechanical manual shifts the choice is yours. Find out more about these two very different transmissions. Make sure to check your owner's manual for the brand of fluid specific to your make and model.

Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF 3353: 997 Carrera and Carrera S with Auto Transmission ( ) Dual Clutch (PDK) Transmission Fluid Pentosin FFL 3 Shop eBay for great deals on Complete Manual Transmissions for Porsche 911. You'll find new or used products in Complete Manual Transmissions for Porsche 911 on eBay. Free shipping on selected items. The Porsche PDK Gearbox. The PDK gearbox was available for Porsche 997 Carrera and Turbo models 2009 to 2012.

The GTmodels where only available with manual gearboxes. Manual Transmission Parts Porsche 997 ( ) Porsche; BMW Mercedes Your manual transmission can take a heck of a beating over the years and it is one of the most neglected service areas on a car. Hand pump fluid filler used to fill transmissions, differentials and transfer cases for Mercedes Benz vehicles with a 725 automatic The PDK transmission utilizes the same constantmesh gear set and synchronizer configuration as Porsches modern manual gearboxes, but there are two separate transmission input shafts, each with its own multiplate clutch pack.

The two clutch 997 pdk or manual transfer are arranged concentrically within a shared drum that resides in the transmission bell housing.

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