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KJQ. US. COM A Hobby Site For Your Fun, Interest and Learning. HOME. 16MM PROJECTORS. KJQ WEATHER. The repeater is regisitered as a high level CLOSED system, located at Angel's Camp, CA. This vintage Motorola Micor has been equipped with dual cooling fans, an Arcom controller and a brand new power supply.

The fans are activated by the Instructions for Duplexing a Motorola Micor VHF Instructions for Conversion of Motorola VHF Micor to Repeater Service. This modification is not for the fainthearted.

Be sure you are very comfortable with the operation of the MICOR radio before you attempt this modification. Tune the transmitter and receiver per the Motorola manual www. micor. info" The Motorola MICOR Conversion Site" Much of the information presented on this site was compiled by, and is maintained by, Emergency Medical Systems Duplex Repeater UHF Mobile Radio manual supplement 15. 8 MB PDF file courtesy of K9ROD: Custom Modifications, Conversions and Parts Suppliers for MICOR Mobiles and Stations: MICOR MOTOROLA REPEATER CONVERSION 220 MHz.

WELCOME TO ANOTHER REPEATER PROJECT FROM. Updated He thinks possibly we can make the SWR power foldback protection work also. He borrowed the manual and thought maybe he would have a" epiphany or something" if he studied it hard enough.

Find great deals on eBay for motorola micor repeater. Shop with confidence. Modifications to a Motorola Micor CompaStation Unified Chassis for Repeater Controller Interfacing.

Mods By: Joel Huntley WA1ZYX Home Page changing frequency on the Motorola Micor (22) Im still not sure on what your saying about the radio only having four TX and eight RX channels, are you saying that the radio has four elements in the TX and eight elements in the RX installed, or are you saying that the radio only has four positions in TX and eight positions in RX for the elements? Aug 31, 2006 Micor series TLE1713A3. Looking for schematics, metering info, etc.

andor a manual if you have one to spare or can copy part of a manual. For noncommercial use in an amatuer repeater. Instructions for Duplexing a Motorola Micor UHF by Jim Reese WD5IYT Conversion of Motorola MICOR UHF Radio Tune the radio per the Motorola manual. Once you have achieved this, you need to tune Motorola micor repeater manual lawn circulator. The following procedure should be followed: Remove the power control board, and power the radio with a supply having a current View and Download Motorola MICOR supplement to instruction manual online.

Community Repeater& MHz. MICOR Repeater pdf manual download. View and Download Motorola MICOR supplement to instruction manual online. EMS DuplexRepeater UHF mobile radio. MICOR Radio pdf manual download. You might get some ideas for your design if you peruse the manual for an old Motorola or GE fire tower (also known as a" lookout repeater" ) radio.

so that there is zero power drain when the repeater transmitter is off (the stock MICOR runs the lowest level transmitter circuits full time 24x7). A DC Generator You Can Build" that was

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