Honda heater resistor repair manual

Symptoms and Reasons behind a Faulty Honda Accord Blower Motor Resistor Keeping your car's air conditioning and heating fans fully functional is made possible with an efficient blower motor resistor.

This part is also responsible for regulating the speed of Introduction: How to Repair a Honda Heater Blower The heater blower in my 2011 Honda CRV suddenly stopped working recently.

I searched for possible causes and solutions and deduced that it was either the heater blower's transistorresistor or the heater blower motor itself. Jan 31, 2018 0105 Honda civic blower motor resistor repair. If your blower fan wont come on you have put power to it to make sure your fan works or ohm the fan out.

If t Also used for several other electrical applications in Honda& Acura models (consult a service manual for relay applications). (May be subject to diagnosis to receive warranty.

). New, Genuine HondaAcura 4Pin Relay. Second generation ( ) Honda Fit Repair Manual HVAC Heater Unit Core Replacement Part1 SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component locations and the precautions and procedures before doing repairs or service.

Repair manual; HONDA Accord Repair Manual. Automobile Honda Pilot Owner's Manual. 2008 (329 pages) Guide Index Fuel Pressure System Description Vacuum Connections Fuel Injectors Electrical Connections Injector Resistor Troubleshooting Pressure Regulator Troubleshooting Guide Fuel Filter Selfdiagnostic 4.

The resistor is either held in by Phillips head screws or hex head bolts. 5. Remove those bolts or screws. 6. Pull resistor up and out of heater box. 7. Install new resistor and secure. 8. Reinstall glove box door. If the resistor shows no visual damage, the resistance between terminals must be checked and compared to specifications. If the resistance is out of specs, the resistor must be replaced. For example, in this photo we measured the resistance of this blower motor resistor.

According to the service manual, it must be around 45 ohms. What is a blower motor resistor in a car, common problems, symptoms of a bad blower motor resistor, Honda Accord; we posted several links where you can access a service manual for your car for a subscription fee. Check this post, AC Heater Blower Motor Resistor Fit For Honda Odyssey 2006 2007 Civic The item is the Blower Motor Resistor.

It is just what you need to bring yourheating and AC blower system back to good working order! Where is the honda crv ex 2006 heater blower relay location Inside heater blower motor runs with ign key off and removed and AC to off position return the relays to their original position and go to the parts store and buy a repair manual for your year, make and model.

Locate the section on HeatAC and replace the Blower Motor Resistor The blower motor circuitry in Hondas is much different than the traditional switchresistor setup found in other vehicles. Power flows to a blower motor relay first. When you turn the key to on the relay provides power directly to the blower motor. Switch the fan on tells the heater control unit to send a pulsed voltage signal to the power transistor.

Jan 31, 2015  Honda Civic Blower Motor Resistor Replacement Disclaimer: This video is not meant to be a definitive how to. Always consult a professional repair manual before starting How to replace the blower motor resistor on 2002 ACCORD Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda Would you recommend trying to clean out a 2001 honda accord heater blower myself?

Mice problems. I bought this Haynes manual repair book and according to it the resistor is located near the blower motor but it's not. I NAPA Auto and O'Reilly's said it was a 'resistor' and that this probably wasn't the cause based on my symptoms.

Honda parts department said that it likely could be the problem, so I bought the part at O'Reilly's for about 48 (Honda wanted over 80. Yikes! ).

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