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LAB MANUAL SUBJECT: EDC& ADC B. TECH 3rd Semester BRANCH: EE Submission. Teacher s Signature 1. To construct a zener diode voltage regulator. 2. Study of Half Wave rectifier. 3. To find the Ripple factor and regulation of a Fullwave Rectifier with and without filter. 4. series resistance and the Zener diode. Shunt regulators EC1009 ELECTRON DEVICES LAB LABORATORY MANUAL SEMESTER III DEAPRTMENT OF LAB MANUAL, Department of ECE, SRM University Paul B Zbar and Alber P Malvino, Series voltage Regulator.

11. Shunt voltage Regulator. 12. Characteristics of Thermistor. PEC 451 ANALOG INTEGRATED CIRCUITS Laboratory Manual For It is my great pleasure to present this laboratory manual for second year engineering students for the subject of Analog Integrated Circuits keeping in view the vast coverage required for visualization of concepts of Analog Integrated circuit.

Voltage regulator using The series voltage regulator format or as it is sometimes called the series pass regulator is the most commonly used format for providing the final voltage regulation in a linear voltage regulator circuit.

PSPICE LAB MANUAL ECEBEC 1 PSPICE LAB MANUAL LAB CODE: EC 262 Prepared By N. VENKATA SUDHEER Dept. of ECE Design and Verification of Voltage Regulator 13. Design and Verification of Attenuators 14. Design and Verification of Differential amplifier being placed in series with the emitter. Since the LAB MANUAL ( E. C. DEPT, ) Page 1 I N T E G R A T E D C I R C U I T S A N D A P P L I C A T I O N S 1 5 1 0 0 3 INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND APPLICATIONS LAB MANUAL V SEMESTER Department of Electronics and communication Engineering 10 To study the operation of IC 723 voltage regulator 35 11 To study the operation of NE565 PLL 37.

LL LAB MANUAL ECE 327 Lab 3: Voltage Regulators Lab Report Strategies 4 Things to include for LM317 regulator There is little analysis that can be done on the otheshelf (OTS) LM317 regulator.

EE 255. ELECTRONICS I LABORATORY. EXPERIMENT 3. THE SERIESPASS VOLTAGE REGULATOR. OBJECTIVES. In this experiment you will Learn how seriespass voltage regulator circuits are designed. LAB 9 Voltage Regulators Reading: Malvino, Chapter 23 Hayes and Horowitz, Class 12 and Lab 12. external resistors form a feedback circuit that controls the output voltage. 39 Physics 331 Laboratory Manual Lab 9 a) Design a 5 V regulated power supply using the 317 and the diode bridge of Lab 4.

Department of Electronics& Communication Engineering LAB MANUAL SUBJECT: ELECTRONICS LAB II [04BEC202 The circuit is called a series voltage regulator because the load current passes through the series transistor Q1. The main drawback of series regulator is that ECE 327 [Lab 3: Voltage Regulators Procedures and Explanations Zener Regulator Laboratory Procedure (gures and equations on page 2) 1. Design (i. e.choose components for desired output) and build the regulator in Figure 1.

1 from page 2. VOLTAGE REGULATOR AIM: To simulate and Series voltage regulator lab manual the regulation characteristics of 1. 22. SHUNT VOLTAGE REGULATOR CIRCUIT DIAGRAM: FREQUENCY RESPONSE: RESULT: Series and Shunt voltage regulator circuits were simulated and their respective frequency response characteristics were drawn.

AB32 Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 4 Introduction AB32 is a compact, ready to use Transistor Series Voltage Regulator experiment board. This is useful for students to study the operation of Transistor as a voltage

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