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How to Model an Adaptive Optical System. If you are not familiar with these terms please refer to following articles andor the Zemax user manual: Designing A Singlet in Zemax The mirror surface will be the stop, having a hexagonal userdefined surface aperture (UDA).

Polarization Ray Tracing User Manual Page; Also available in 4. 00: RayLab 3. 0 has just been released in the App store. This upgrade is a major step up in capability for RayLab. You can now create full 3 dimensional optical models. Zemax import functionality has also been enhanced to How to create a Beam Splitter Cube in sequential Zemax using mutiple configurations; (see section Virtual propagation in chapter 3 of the manual).

After an odd number of mirrors, thicknesses are negative for real propagations and positive for virtual propagations. This sign convention is independent of the number of mirrors, or the Dec 12, 2012 Have you ever needed a fold mirror in your Zemax optical system? This tutorial shows you how. There are two methods: 1) used the tiltdecenter tab on surface Zemax 12 Optical Design Program User's Manual July 10, 2012 Radiant Zemax LLC [email protected] com www. zemax. com Use of Mangin and aspheric mirrors to increase the FOV in SchmidtCassegrain Telescopes ZEMAX was used for the initial studies 4.

the Mangin mirror O set Spheroidal Mirrors for Gaussian Beam Optics in ZEMAX Antony A. Stark and Urs Graf Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, University of Cologne Refs: Zemax manual (ver 13, 2013), p. 329 Spherical Mirror with stop at center of curvature When the aperture stop is at the mirrors center of curvature, there are no offaxis rays and the image plane is a curved surface Optical System Design S15 Reflector Telescopes This manual covers both editions of ZEMAX running on Microsoft operating systems.

and a description of available features. Milton Lens Design. you are still the designer. If you have little or no experience in optical design. terminology. The Mangin mirror provides optical designers with a host of options for solving modern problems. ZEMAX Optical Design Program User's Manual July 8, 2011 Radiant ZEMAX LLC [email protected]

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