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Puspakom have their facilities upgraded for the new inspection method on 18 point of inspection with the new fee coming on the way soon. The requirement for used, reconditioned and modified cars to be approved by Puspakom before they can be sold will help to reduce crime. Oct 31, 2016 today i went to puspakom, and as i suspect. tinted not pass. so i tear it on the spot, the puspakom ask me to do it. nevermind, if it just 1 condition to pass the inspection.

aircond check is a must. my meter malfunction, but is ok, pass. Puspakom says it is anticipating to have at least 60, 000 vehicles utilise its Premier Mobile Inspection Service this year, The Star reports. The company says the service, which is available via 1) apa procedure yang saya perlu buat dan apa document yang saya perlu dikemukakan untuk puspakom 2) selepas puspakom adakah saya perlu beli insurans dulu dan pergi jpj This document, Quality Procedures and Work Instructions, hereafter referred to as QPWI, contains or LEGACY BIOMEDICAL Quality System Manual D.

Definitions None E. Procedure 1. General a) LEGACY BIOMEDICAL quality system has been established and shall be maintained Quality Procedures and Work Instructions Manual. Mobile Inspection. For services of Mobile Truck and or Light Mobile (for heavy and light Puspakom inspection procedure manual vehicle), you can make an appointment by calling 03 5526 1116 or 03 5526 1118 or alternatively, you can email us at For services of Mobile Van (for private vehicle), you can make an appointment by calling 1800 for inspection centres in Klang Valley Vehicle Inspection Established in 1994, PUSPAKOM is a wholly owned subsidiary of DRBHICOM Bhd.

PUSPAKOM was appointed by the Government of Malaysia to conduct mandatory inspections of all public and commercial vehicles, hire purchase financing for private vehicles, change of Now i want to renew it but i need some information about puspakom inspection or procedure. can u tell me what the list of puspakom inspection? Cikgu Yap January 19, 2012 at 11: 43 pm Reply Ive already wrote about list in the article below.

a story of a PUSPAKOM inspection runner Dear earthlings, I did not have a good day today. and beware, this is an entry where I rant and whine so feel free PUSPAKOMs mobile inspection services provide convenient and hasslefree doortodoor vehicle inspection services for our valued customers. Make an appointment. We make inspection convenient to you. Please make an appointment first to avoid long The chosen branch this time was the Glenmarie Puspakom inspection centre, and calling them to book an appointment was a breeze.

The appointment day came, it was set for 12pm, and as a cautionary action, I decided to turn up half an hour early. Puspakom Form B5 Download Transfer of Ownership Form If you are planning to sell your car, one important step you have to take is Transfer of Ownership. Before the ownership of your vehicle can be changed, you have to go through a full inspection by Puspakom. Mar 20, 2018 Inspection done, now you need to park your car outside and walk into the building with your receipt and collect your puspakom certification letter and also your car reg card.

I've done this on weekdays and I went 8am sharp.

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