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Top Hat Soaring is a glide computer for gliders and paragliders and hang gliders. The goal of Top Hat is to create a simpler user interface so that the pilot can focus on flying the ship. Top Hat is an open source project that runs on Android, Linux and PC platforms.

Short read sequencing machines can currently produce reads 100bp or longer but many exons are shorter than this so they would be missed in the initial mapping. TopHat solves this problem mainly by splitting all input reads into smaller segments which are then mapped independently. Once installed, run the plugin by selecting your reads and reference sequence then clicking on AlignAssemble Map to Reference in the toolbar.

TopHat is available as RNA Sequencing Analysis Using TopHat The Tuxedo Suite, comprising Bowtie, TopHat, and Cuffl inks, is widely adopted for RNA sequencing analysis, and can be run in multiple modes. TopHat was originally developed in 2009 by Cole Trapnell, Lior Pachter and Steven Salzberg at the Mathematics Department, UC Berkeley and the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the University of Maryland, College Park.

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pdf. RNA Sequencing Analysis With TopHat Booklet FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY Overview 2 Sequencing Considerations 6 Converting Base Calls 7 Aligning Reads with TopHat 15 Calling SNPs 22 Detecting Transcripts and Counting 25 Visualizing Results in IGV 32 References 36 Page 1 He is principally responsible for extending TopHat to support SOLiD sequencing reads.

Geo is an informatics engineer at CBCB, and has made numerous contributions to Cufflinks along with a number of other tools built at CBCB.

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