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Scan Coin Model SC 3003 Universal Model SC 3003 Universal is the result of nearly two decades of ongoing development of the SCAN COIN 3000series of coin counting machines. The 3000 series has been designed to be able to process large quantities of coin on a continuous basis.

scan coin 3003 Contadora de monedas SCAN COIN se fund en 1966 y en la actualidad es uno de los proveedores lderes de equipos, soluciones de sistemas y servicios para el procesamiento de efectivo. The SCAN COIN 3003 is a high capacity coin counter and its quality and variety of smart functions are appreciated by thousands of users worldwide. In short, the SC 3003 is considered to be one of the most robust and high quality coin SCAN COIN 3003 Coin Counter The SCAN COIN 3003 is a high capacity coin counter and its The denominations are easily selected by turning one handle quality and variety of smart functions are appreciated by thou and all actions and settings are clearly monitored at the operator sands of users worldwide.

Coin counters SCAN COIN coin counters count, verify and bag coins or tokens, while offsorting smaller coin denominations. SCAN COIN is well known for its worldleading sensor technology to identify foreign, damaged or counterfeit coins. The SC3003 comes in three different electronic models: 3003, 3003 VA and 3003 VA Plus. A single coin knob simplifies the coin selection. Choice of three different hopper trays allows you to choose the feeding system best suited to your needs.

Automatic coin hopper (SC 313) Electronic counting Carrying handle (SC 303) AccessoriesOptions The SCAN COIN electronic sensing technology assures high accuracy in identifying foreign, with manual override, from 1 to 10, 999 and infinitely.

Easy to read sixdigit green LED display. Compact with small footprint. Aug 30, 2010  need Scancoin SC3003 repair manual or instructions.

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. August 29, 2018, 10: 57: 26 PM Anyone have an service manual with schematics or repair manual for coin counter machine Scancoin SC3003SI1. From scan coin I receive the answer that they not sell it separately, they Scan Coin SC3003 Series Coin Counter The result of two decades of on going development, the Scan Coin SC3003 series coin counter is designed for high volume coin processing on a continuous basis.

Counts at speeds up to 3, 500 coins per minute!

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