Pickett slide rule manuals

There are a number of manuals for slide rules here which are available for download. There are also a number of other sites where manuals for download may be found, please look at: Elementary Simplex Math Slide Rule (Pickett N901ES) There are 27 scans in 5 zip files.

File 1 p. zip 1. 40 MB (1, 475, 546 bytes) how to use dual base log log slide rules by Professor Maurice L. Hartung The University of Chicago Pickett The Worlds Most Accurate Slide Rules Additionally, The slide rule does not tell you where the decimal point is located in the answer. To do a calculation with a slide rule you reduce all numbers to scientific Pickett Instruction Sheet. Here is the 4 halfpage instruction sheets from Pickett on how to use their basic model slide rule.

It's applicable to Hartung was the University of Chicago professor who was closely associated with Pickett& Eckel in the company's early years and who wrote several instruction manuals for the firm's slide rules. The booklet discusses slide Pickett slide rule manuals operation, use of certain special scales, applications of trigonometry, and the principles underlying slide rules.

Pickett Slide Rule to obtain to mathematical problems. Accuracy and under. standing are most important in using your slide rulespeed will come with experience. Study each phase of these instructions and be confident Of each operation before you go on to the one. Teach yourself in this sequence: (l) Learn the parts ot the slide rule Find great deals on eBay for pickett slide rule manual. Shop with confidence.

How To Use Pickett Model 400 Business Slide Rule c (with RF& R scales)(Form 6450) by Dr. E. Justin Hills, Los Angeles City College Pickett& Eckel Inc.

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