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ETC ARCHITECTURAL ER& DR Dimming Rack Unison Unison ER and DR Dimming Rack Owners Manual 3 Introduction Warning and notice conventions Throughout this guide, these symbols are used to indicate warning, caution and points of interest. 8 Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. 3 SmartLink Architectural Control Processor Configuration Manual Overview SmartLink System Components SmartLink is a control system that uses Echelon LonTalk with LinkPower protocol.

SmartLink provides the Unison DRd racks with additional features such as rack to rack Manual for the Unison Light Manager Software produced by ETC.

that adjoins peripheral equipment to control network. The dimming and extended architectural control module used in Unison dimming racks.

A graphic or mechanical slide potentiometer which is used to vary individual or multiple zone lighting levels. 41. 84. 19. 75 Lockout Toggle ETC Unison DRd Dimming Rack Enclosure User Manual 240 vac modules, 230 vac modules ETC Equipment Dec 17, 2013 re: ETC Unison" Idiot Box" Programming I was about to say, our dimmer racks are ETC Sensor ( stage lights) and ETC Unison ( house lights) and those pictures you posted are exactly the boxes we have.

of Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. in the United States and other countries. An installation rack, or dimmer rack, cont ains the dimmer modules and the CEM control 4 Sensor Dimming System User Manual contain up to 64 Groups (1024 racks total).

The newest member of ETCs SmartLink family of plugandplay lighting control and dimming products is the easytouse SmartLink Architectural Control Processor (ACP) in the new Unison DRd dimming Unison Modules are Etc unison dimmer rack manual in voltages for every need: 120V, 230V, 240V and 277V (1. 3kW, 2. 5kW, 2kW and 5kW).

Designed specifically for use in Unison DRd Series enclosures, these modules are heavyduty, highgrade commercial dimmers. lights blinking on their own. We have a 48 dimmer unison dimming system with about 36 source four instruments. when the system was first installed they installed an express 4896 board. Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. Lighting solutions, control equipment for Theater, Film& TV studios, Architectural spaces and entertainment industries.

ETC ARCHITECTURAL Unison 277V Dimming Racks DR Series GENERAL INFORMATION Unison dimming, from ETC low cost, flexible, modular dimming for architectural and theatrical lighting Unison Technical Support.

Support Articles Support Topics. Networking and Network Protocols. ETC Network IP Addresses; Protocols Cable Types and Topologies. Lon Infrastructure for Architectural Systems Scrolling By 100 in the Unison Diagnostic Dimmers Menu; Sensor and Unison US 120v Rack Fan Noise Information and Sensor Sound Drd enclosure installation manual Read online or download PDF ETC Unison DRd Dimming Rack Enclosure User Manual Unison CE Dimming Rack Unison Dimmers U nison dimming, from ETC flexible, modular dimming for architectural and entertainment applications.

Unison's lowprofile racks fit Jan 07, 2010 ControlDimming ETC Unison Rack Help Needed. Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by I was checking out a new venue I'm lighting a play in next week and was looking at the dimmer rack, an ETC Unison DR6 The door was a bit broken though and took a bit of force I've looked through the manual and tried various things to no

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