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LCD DISPLAY OF THE NOVAG OBSIDIAN The LCD display of the Obsidian has a six character alphanumeric display. The listed symbols below are used on the display Nova g obsidian manual the Obsidian: NOVAG OBSIDIAN Electronic Chess Computer. Picture taken fron Novag Obsidian computer. MAIN NOVAG OBSIDIAN GAME CHARACTERISTICS. A wide range of features and advanced SENSOR TECHNOLOGY offer superb play to Chess enthusiasts and club player alike.

Electronic Chess Computer Manuals (and Programs) For years Chess House sold a wide variety of chess computers from small handheld portable chess to full size table top chess computers. Some would teach with voice coaching, others would move their own pieces. In 2014, most brands closed their doors. Over the decades sin The Novag Piccolo Is a variant of the Novag solo.

For most of the case, There is a user guide overview printed left to the chessboard. You can see it on the gamebox. Novag electronic chess sets were a leading brand of chess computer until 2014.

Electronic chess computers have been popular for over 30 years with many unique designs coming and going in the market. Novag Electronic Chess For over 30 years chess players have enjoyed electronic chess games as a way to play chess whenever you wish. Novag was one of the top several brands making chess computers that would let you customize your level, get hints, take back moves, and generally keep the game within the rules.

Mar 26, 2013 This video demonstrates how to use the Obsidian chess computer including how to set levels. It saves your game when turned off unless you remove the batterie Mephisto master chess vs novag obsidian chess Mephisto Master Chess vs Novag Obsidian. I would like to buy a desktop chess computer. vs 8900 for the Novag. Computer Manuals Novag pdf, please inform us about that so we can fix it and help you obtain the file you need.

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