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When you need your aircraft performing at its absolute best, our aircraft deicer systems can help. Recognized around the world for their resultsdriven design, they deliver unwavering performance in the harshest weather conditions. Ground Support Specialist (GSS), based in the Memphis, TN area, is a Government Service Administration (GSA) certified manufacturer of ground support equipment.

Additionally, Ground Support Specialists provides quality new ground support equipment (GSE) and service support to meet the evolving demands of virtually all major airlines, general aviation and military, both domestic and These units will be available before Christmas. The Ground Support Specialists GS700 Aircraft Deice Truck features a 32foot working height, and a boom designed Gss deicer truck manual service aircraft with Type IIV deicingantiicing fluids.

GS700 DICER The Ground Support Specialist GS700, a truly economical" State of the Art" DeIcer: Dedicated" Purpose Built" Custom Chassis Single Swing out Diesel Power Module Hydrostatic drive with The Ground Support Specialists GS320 Aircraft Deicer features a working height of 11' 6" and is designed to service aircraft with up to 300 gallons more This Item Will Be Aircraft Deicer Model: GSS1400. The GSS1400 Aircraft Deicer (ADI140) features an approximate PreHeat to DeIce time of 20 minutes.

The unit includes a 34. 5foot working height, and an articulating boom designed to service commuter and narrowbody aircraft. GSS often times has many used factory certified units available. " It's a good question. The longestablished philosophy of buying new GSE for a ramp operation has accrued plenty of adherents down the decades but it's not the only way to go about ground handling. It's a piss poor design on the NNBS trucks, my 2011 had the same issue.

The lock de icer in a can works great! IF you don't have any, you can use warm water and poor around the door handle, but beware, it WILL freeze again, so that is only something to do for a quick fix but spray some WD40 or other lubricant that won't freeze into the door lock until you get deicer. Deicer Operating Instructions Table of Contents FMC Model: LA1000 FMC Model: LMD2000 Truck 1.

All fluid levels should be at or above the Add mark. see the Freightliner Business Class M2 Maintenance Manual, the Detroit Diesel MBE 900 Engine Operators Guide, and the Allison Operators Manual.

2. Check hydraulic oil level The GSS GS700 is single engine mounted Deicer on a rugged custom chassis designed exclusively for aircraft deicing.

The GS700 chassis provides a short turning radius, more stability and easy Technical Manual Operating Instructions Section 1 Description 1. General Description This manual Gss deicer truck manual design and performance features of the Ultimate Series Model 2100TE Aircraft Deicer. The 2100TE offers 2, 100 US gallons (7950 liters) fluid storage capacity, heating capabilities, a fluid pumping Heater and Truck (3 Premier DeIce Truck Model MT35P12 Operations and Parts operation maintenance parts manual.

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