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07 Ovens Forced Convection Ovens Natural Convection Ovens Vacuum Ovens Clean Ovens, Class 100 Automatic run or manual run after power interruption. Fully insulated oven chamber maintains Technical data according to DIN. FDA establishment registered company. FDA listed products. (3) Natural convection oven is used for self life test of food in harshness condition, humidity remove, harden and soften test of food and chemical by heating, moisture removal in the sample and etc.

If Jeio Tech or our authorized dealers do not deliver the unit, Jeio Tech disclaims all the responsibility for the damage. Page 9 Chapter 3 If you didnt receive the operating manual, Contact the distributor or the Jeio Tech service center. Fuse During being in use, if you contact the service center or the distributor, you will receive the Jeio Tech Co.Ltd.

is committed to customer service both during and after the sale. If you have Jeio tech manual 4r100 concerning the operation of your unit or the information in this manual, contact our Sales Department. Operation manual [FORCED CONVECTION OVEN Model: OF02G 12G 22G Manual No: 00HAA ( Version: 5. 0 ) Page 2. Circuit and electric component used in this unit are developed by Jeio tech. Please dont try to repair by yourself.

Wrong combination of electric part may cause fire. You must ask to Jeio Tech, which focuses on the production and marketing of laboratory and scientific instruments, has produced these products with a state Thank you for purchasing Jeio Techs product. This operation manual forms a definition of warning marks according to the level of importance and danger in order to use the product safely and Trade With Jeio Tech Co.Ltd.

Visit for detailed information on South Korea manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. Trade with Jeio Tech Co.Ltd. Visit for detailed information on high quality Ultrasonic Cleaner. This operation manual describes the performance of the unit and gives instructions for its correct use. All users must read this operation manual carefully before you use this unit.

is the safest controlling device to be developed by Jeio Tech researchers. It is used to

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